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You’ve heard it said that Facebook can be beneficial to a blogger.

Many have said that growing your blog is much simpler when you social media.

Is that true?

Actually, yes it is.

Facebook can provide you with more growth to your blog than you might find with other forms of marketing.

Why is that?

The fact is that Facebook gives you the ability to do things that other sites do not have.

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So even though you may be commenting on blogs and advertising your blog on forums, you are not getting the same results that can come simply from using your social networks.

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When you use Facebook you have the ability to create a fan page for your blog. This gives your fans the chance to not only like your page but also share it with others who may be interested. People that may have never read your blog can become your fans on Facebook and suddenly become a new part of your marketing campaign.

As a Facebook fan page you will be able to share your posts with everyone that it a fan. Rather than having to go around the internet and add links to specific pages in relevant spots, you simply link to your new blog post and everyone can visit and read it. Many people that discover you through Facebook will then find your blog and likely become subscribers. They can also share these posts with their friends and family, which could grow your blog even further.

There is quite a bit of interactivity through Facebook that you will not find in other venues. You can ask questions and get comments, create polls and even hold contests. This gives you the ability to get your fans involved. Once they become involved they will feel invested in your site and will help you to promote it. This may not happen with forum and blog links that you have been placing.

As you encourage this interactivity, you also have the ability to connect with your fans. You are taking yourself out of the business situation and creating a more personal environment. You can reply to them and keep up with the conversations. Many fans will appreciate the extra effort that goes into making them feel important. They will also enjoy seeing the personality behind the writer of their favorite blog.

Choosing to use Facebook gives you many opportunities for growth. While you may still use other methods, many have found success through their Facebook page. When you look at all of the people using social networks to communicate each day it is no surprise that taking advantage of them will help your business to grow and succeed. It is easy to use Facebook and sharing content with others is quite convenient. It takes less time than a simple email. The ease, convenience and personal touch that Facebook allows is one of the main reasons bloggers find it so successful.


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  1. Melissa

    I agree with your every word. Facebook can be a perfect platform or base fr any business promotion and further success, because of a number of benefits it has

    1. Joseph

      Facebook is also perfect for business promotion for the ability to target the right audience based on age, what they like, etc.


  2. Becca

    Like other social media sites,Facebook has now been a bridge between the actual consumers and the companies. It is a great place to reach your target market.

  3. Tina

    Question: I’ve tried to do this but am getting no traffic to my facebook page. I’m not at a point where I want to invest in ads, and even though I invite my friends to become fans of the page I’m not getting any takers. (not sure if they don’t realize it’s me since my blog doesn’t have my name in the title)

    Any suggestions for building traffic to that facebook page?


  4. David

    I think this all sounds good in theory, but I cannot help but think that I must be doing something wrong with my blog’s facebook page because I do not see a lot of traffic on the page or going from it to my blog.

    I would also guess that I am not the only person who is not getting much from his facebook fan page.

    There must be more to it that I am missing. I would love to have the ability to figure it out. But, so far, I am drawing a blank.

    If you have any further insight on how to make it work, I would love to hear it.

    I am just not sure why it doesn’t do me much good.

  5. Icciev

    Hi Steven,

    There is something with Facebook that can’t be found on any other social media which is the personality and the actual friendship between people on Facebook, I understand that you may have people as your friends that you have never known but most of your friends are your actual friends or family member that you have always known since your childhood, so recommendation, liking and sharing on Facebook get more trust worthy between Facebook friends than any other social media.

  6. Joseph

    Thanks Steven for this article. One of the good things about Facebook over the other media, is that you connect directly with the fans plus you have an advantage that they may share your content with their friends thus growing your reach.

  7. Eli@coachdaddy

    I’ve found a great way to maximize the social media scene is to post on LinkedIn, which I sync with Twitter, which automatically updates on Facebook.

    Is this good, or am I missing something by trying to make it simple?

    1. Steven

      That’s a good approach, Eli. Trying to automate as many things as possible while not looking spammy, is the key.

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