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I know I’ve always come out on the side of shorter, snappier posts over those long, rambling posts so many bloggers are publishing these days, but there’s something to be said for taking a little extra time to create your content.

It can make your shorter posts even snappier, but more important, it can turn your dull, boring longer posts into useful, engaging content.

The Benefits of Taking Extra Time To Create Content

I think many times we just get so caught up in the whole “Publish frequently” bit that we don’t really focus on the quality of our content, we just want to get something published. Sure, it’s unique and original, and probably even useful, but could it be better? Absolutely. There’s always room for improvement.

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As a blogger, you understand the importance of presenting yourself as an expert in your niche. But how many of your blog posts speak in generalities? When’s the last time you wrote a post that was filled with actual cold, hard facts, quotes from experts, links to sources, and detailed step-by-step information? When’s the last time you took one of your topic ideas and actually did some in-depth research for your readers?

Chances are, if you’re like most bloggers, you get so caught up in the daily grind that you don’t even realize your content is getting dull and boring, but you readers do. Your readers would appreciate a little variety. They like your short, snappy posts, but they’d appreciate something they can really sink their teeth into every now and then, too.

Imagine if, just once a week, you published a featured post that was a in-depth analysis of something relevant to your readers. Something that would remind them you really are the expert. Something that would keep them on the page for longer than 20 seconds. Spend some extra time creating just one post and it may turn out to be the most popular post every week.

Here’s what you need to do:

Choose one topic for the week and then set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day to work on this one post.

Where will you find the time? If you’re currently publishing 3 or 4 short, snappy posts a day, considering dropping one to give you time to work on this in-depth article. Or…

Use one of your shorter posts each day as a lead-in to this weekly in-depth post. Take just one piece of information, turn it into one of your shorter posts, and use it to build anticipation for your longer post at the end of the week.

Now, here’s where you need to spend your extra time:

Take time for research – Instead of reading one blog post and writing up a quick, relevant post for your readers, choose one topic a week and really do some research. What’s everybody else in your niche saying about it? What are the industry leaders saying? Get all the facts and figures so you can be specific, instead of just giving your readers a general run-down.

Take time to develop a new angle – Now that you know what everyone else is saying, how can you make this information relevant for your readers? How can you be unique?

Take time to find examples and quotes – You’re using this post to set yourself up as an expert, so link out to your resources. Find plenty of examples and quotes you can use to back up your position.

Take time to edit – Edit your spelling and grammar, check for errors in the information and facts you’re presenting, make sure your article flows smoothly from one point to the next.

Take time to add visuals – Find plenty of images or create graphs or charts. Take extra time making this post visually appealing. Pay special attention to formatting elements such as sub-headings, bullet points and white space.

Create A Powerful Post Once A Week

Most readers like those short, snappy posts, and if that’s what’s bringing in readers and keeping them on your blog, then don’t stop now. But maybe it’s time to give them content that’s a little more meaningful. It only takes one well-written, well-researched post a week to add some variety to your blog, so try it on your own blog. Take a little extra time this week to create some feature content and see what happens to your traffic.

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  1. Heather Johnson

    I write two websites. My goal is to post one post each day to each. However, I also make sure my content is great. My general rule for blogging is around 400 words per post. For my language website, the length of each post depends on the content. I am all for frequent posting. But quality sure counts as much (if not more) than quantity. Great post!

  2. Adeel Sami

    Steven, I’ve started reading your blog two days ago and I am falling in love with your work. One of the great post! and if your points are really executed well by us, it can bring a very good difference for our blogs.

    Really a great post!!

  3. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Steven. I have recently started spending a lot more time on posts and it has been paying off. I would rather spend 3-4 hours crafting a well written and valuable post every week than write and post 3-5 crappy ones that mean nothing.

    What are you thoughts on post frequency? I know you’re increasing your flow… So is it more important to write one stellar post a week, or couple ones per week?

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