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Are you still following those old SEO tips? It’s already too late to update your WordPress SEO checklist!

Hi friends! This is my second post here at Dukeo and I’m really excited for the opportunity to discuss about Expired SEO Tips.

I hope you’ve gone through my previous post ‘WordPress Themes: What to Look for When changing?‘. Please click here if you missed that one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing discipline. Algorithms are consistently improving and today’s bots are truly smart. With every change in algo logic and shift in SEO trend, you must update yourself and act accordingly to continue the organic traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization used to be a technical job – the job of making robots happy and optimizing your site so as to make it easy for search engines to pick it up, and present for user queries. Because bots were blind in the past, tricky experts played much with it and enjoyed huge unfair favor. Very quickly, SEO became hot cake. It went up to the extreme that some were able to rank the pages #1 even with really poor content and all ill practices.

seo checklist expired seo tips

Those days are no more. Today’s search engines are much smarter and it’s been harder to bribe the bots for unfair ranking. Thus, it’s time to check your SEO checklist once again and make some changes.

Expired Tricks You Should Erase from Your SEO Checklist too!

Here I discuss some of the good-and-bad SEO tricks that were very effective a couple of years ago, but no more now. Make sure about your practices and do the necessary change to stay healthy!

1. Cloaking: remove from SEO checklist

Cloaking is the mechanism that causes your site appear one thing to search engines and completely different to the users by using some programs. We can see, this is really an extra effort to please search engines (deceive search engines?).

It reminds me of the high-way restaurants. The long route public buses stops on the yard of a particular restaurant for launch or snacks. We saw a different treat to the driver and bus staffs. When restaurant makes them happy, they will bring in the customers, no matter how bad the service was offered. But, it is no longer the same. Passengers learned the trick and started to go for other restaurants – other than where their bus stopped. Restaurants were cloaking their service!

As with those restaurants, if your site also presents different content to different kind of visits, ultimately you’ll learn lessons! Why not to try to make masses happy?

2. Overdone Keywords: poor search engine optimization

Too much is harmful everywhere. Keywords are prominent elements to signal search engine bots about the topic of your post or page. Keywords helps them to check relevancy of your posts against the user queries.

When you know these facts, obviously, keyword optimization is in your SEO checklist. But at the same time, don’t forget that overusing a keyword in your article may produce opposite effect. Search engines hate keyword stuffing and over optimization. Always use right keyword density.

Higher keyword density makes your post hard to read and look shallow. Very low density will make it hard for search engines to determine the relevancy of your post. Then what’s the correct keyword density?

Depending upon the length of your post 1% to 3% keyword density should be ideal.

3. Irrelevant Keywords: bad SEO tips

By irrelevant keywords I mean the unrelated keywords. Suppose, your posts is about ‘web page speed‘ but you are using ‘weight loss‘ as keyword.

You may wonder why any dumb-head would ever do such  an insane! But, surprisingly, it was a common practice.

Google Adsense was a lucrative avenue for easy passive money and a swarm of Adsense sites appeared. Though the post is about something else, the crooked-heads inserted high paying keywords. In most cases it worked!

Search engines are already aware of these ill-practices and came up with smarter algorithms. After all, search engines must present most relevant results for its users. Thus, make sure you are using only the relevant and related keywords in your posts.

4. Spinned Articles: remove immediately from SEO checklist

I got an email a couple of days ago from somebody interested to guest post in my blog. I asked for author’s social network profiles and demanded to read the post before I can decide if it is worthy enough to publish.

I did not get any profile URLs but a post that reads completely impossible. No way to welcome in my own blog!

When article marketing was at height, you could write one post, apply some spinning software to create 5 or 10 other articles, and publish them in multiple blogs. All this hard work was done for the sake of some back links to improve PageRank.

This trick now no longer works. Search engines are much better at sniffing out these disguised duplicate content and in some extreme conditions, you may get penalties like PR drop.

5. Using Unauthorized Content: bad SEO tips

Everybody must respect copyright. But, it is quite common practice to copy the content and paste directly on to the site. Probably, this is because they simply think, nobody can dig it out in this vast ocean of pages. Some even don’t know that you can’t copy and paste contents.

There were some days, when you could do some research on profitable keywords, copy the content about those keywords from sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon; and create an Adsense sites. Promote them with article marketing using spinned articles and enjoy the riches of Google Adsense. But now, a lot of water has already gone through Bagmati bridge!

On my website about Computer Operator Exam, I worked hard, hurriedly published the solved question paper of the exam. Till the very evening I could publish it – happy to meet the deadline. I shared the link to social networks and went to bed. Next morning, there were many copies of my page pasted all over Facebook. My dear friends found it easier to copy and paste the page in Facebook rather than sharing the link.

If you are using content from other websites in your blog without the proper permission, it is a severe mistake. You risk of being banned by search engines. I’ve already closed more than dozen blogs in blogspot and successfully de-indexed many pages filing DMCA complaint.

Hire some good content writers and promote your blog rather than to use second-hand content.

6. Article Directories: remove from SEO checklist

Do you still have article directories in your SEO checklist? Do you plan to write for EzineArticles, ArticleCity, GoArticles and so on?

Article directories used to be the lucrative venue for exposure, authority and good quality link back from high ranked sources. Because they allowed to copy the articles and re-publish in other websites without removing the credits, you could increase back link count exponentially. But after the algorithm update, this is a past story. Erase it from your SEO checklist.

The best alternative to the article directories, these days, is guest blogging. When you have great content  and good authority, you can publish your articles in high quality blogs that offers you even better returns than those article directories.

7. Press Release: bad search engine optimization practice

I’m seeing quite a number of press release dropped in my inbox everyday, and the sad thing is that, they do not contain any news. The plain old blog posts are filled in new bottle and  delivered as press release. Press release without any news!

Don’t forget the purpose and use of press release and limit it up to that boundary only. Distributing press release in a huge number for the sake of SEO benefits is already worn out!

8. Keyword Rich Anchor Text: bad SEO tips

I see problem with two extremes regarding keywords in anchor text. On one extreme, there are SEO practitioners who won’t create any other links except the ones having exact keywords in anchor text. And on the other, there are bloggers who are building links anchored on their name each and every Comment. Both these practices are not much paying.

Keyword rich anchor text were valued high by search engines and used to determine the relevancy of target page. Search engines could guess what the page is about just by looking into the linked text. But this has already been much exploited and now crawlers can better determine the relevancy. If you have all the back links with keywords as anchor text, you are already in trouble!

Search engines, similarly, can identify the links from different sources with same anchor text targeted to same websites. This reduces the linkluv of your commenting efforts!  If possible, try to use related keywords for anchor text when you leave comments. Many blogs equipped with commentLuv offers you to enter your keywords as YourName@YourKeywords format in Name field.

The best practice to build links is to make it natural. The mixture of all kinds of links pointing to your site forces search engines to respect you. Get some links anchored generic words such as ‘Click Here‘; some links anchored on your blog name; some links with your targeted keywords and some with related keywords.

9. Link Exchange & Paid Links: expired search engine optimization

I don’t think this point needs to elaborate any further. Long blog rolls have already disappeared from all the popular blogs these days.

How would Google know that I’ve paid for links? Or, how does anyone know I’ve sold links in my site? This is common question in linking markets. Because there is no trace of monetary transaction in the links pasted, most are easily deceived with false assurance. However, if you apply common sense, it is not that hard for smart algorithms to distinguish natural links vs. links purchased. Why a site with high PageRank would link to some other site without any context?

Some times back, I got an offer to place a text link for $55/month. The money was really tempting and all I had to do was to fix a link on sidebar. The consequence? I enjoyed the money for next 3 months, but on the following PR Update, my site was dropped from PR5 to PR2. The client ran away and even today, I am unable to improve PR for that site yet.

10. Automation & Automation Tools: bad SEO tips

Applying automation tools for SEO of your website may involve some risk. You really need to learn how the tool works and how you should use the tool. At the same time, you should update yourself of the recent changes and trends. Often people buy the automation tools which are already obsolete.

Applying expired tips hurt your ranking and even worse, automating based on those tips will be frightening. Make a proper research before you buy any SEO tool. Ensure that it obeys all current guidelines and helps to optimize in ethical way.

Thanks for your reading till here! I hope I was able to make my points clear to you. I know you have much to say for and against my points. My heartily welcome to leave your feedback and comments in comments below.

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  1. Swapnil

    Hey Suresh,
    You have written such nice article about good and bad seo. This points are great and i got so many idea about this.
    I think keyword stuffing is not so good because its not easy to read by search engines and it makes post look like hell.
    Now a days if we copy content from other sites then google will black list our site.
    Guest blogging is the best idea to make backlinks. Thanks for sharing such nice content.

  2. Suresh Khanal

    Thank you Swapnil for the visit and your comment. SEO is changing and we need to update ourselves to adjust the practices and strategies accordingly. Hope this article sheds light on some of these aspects.

  3. Kapil Jekishan

    Good roundup here Suresh. I’d have to agree on most counts although there is still value with press release distribution if done correctly. For example, if you’re a business mentor for financial advisers and there is an annual financial planning conference, there is a good chance your press release will be accepted.

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    A super helpful article here Suresh.

    I am stunned that people still use article spinners; each time you allow a tool to create your content, you are putting your search engine life in a program’s hands. NOT a smart move!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Suresh Khanal

      That’s very true Ryan.

      I sign up almost every opportunities and I get huge emails everyday. I’ve the fortune to see many ads of these kind of software even today. Needless to justify that many newbies with deeper pocket fall into trap very easily.

  5. Oscar

    Hi Suresh,
    This is indeed an SEO check list as the title says, most of the points no longer work wonders just like before and I guess can even harm your blog. I’m so happy I came across this article this time, thumbs up.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hi Oscar,

      Thank you for the visit and your comment in my post.

      Yes some of those SEO tasks can do really harm towards the ranking of your site. We need to be alert specifically on link building methods and uniqueness of content.

  6. Nirmala

    First am pleasing you for writing about the expired SEO tips and am sure this post would save the time and productivity of the bloggers.

    Am really surprised that the article marketing, press release and keyword rich anchor text are in the expired SEO list. Anyway am not implementing these tips.

    Coming to other tips – Am no way related to these. So am happy about it. I never use unauthorized content, irrelevant keywords, keyword stuffing and paid links.

    Finally, am feeling good about my natural SEO practice and hope it would help me to bring my blog to next level.

    Thank you very much for presenting the needful post in a clear manner for your readers Suresh :)

    Nice to see you again in Dukeo,I appreciate it!

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Thank you Nirmala for the commenting and for sharing your SEO practice. You are doing great and safe with any animals from Google Zoo.

      As the bots are growing smarter, we can focus on great content, reader’s engagement, better readability and happy users. The robots will do their own task better.

  7. Kimsea

    Thanks for sharing brother, @suresh! Actually, I never try automatically tool such as spinner and submission. I think this is useful tips for SEO and what I worry is over optimization.Amazing check I review minds

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Yes Kimsea, over optimization is another issue. When we learn the tips and try to implement all of them, many times, the post is already over-optimized to be ignored by bots.

      I suggest to use SEO Pressor plugin to make sure that your content is best optimized and not over-optimized.

  8. Marilyn Cada

    thanks suresh for providing us complete list of expired SEO tips. i considered ezinearticles before and thanks to you, i will just remove them on my SEO list.
    i went to warrior forum and some of them are still using spinning software. i informed users their that they should stay away from using spun articles

    1. Suresh Khanal

      No matter how loud we shout, those guys are never going to automate the SEO. This is particularly because some people are interested to short-term projects. They do everything and collect money then quit immediately.

      But as a blogger, we can’t follow those strategies and can’t rely on such tools.

  9. Akhil

    Thanks for your helpful tips, now i will not consider article directories for promoting my blog and its good that I’ve never tried any spinning tools yet. These expired SEO tips are really amazing, looking forward to see your future posts.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hi Akhil,

      Glad to find you on right track of optimizing your blog. Hope the tips helps you to clarify why you should not follow some of the tips.

      I will be coming with some more topics to discuss in near future too! Hope we can discuss to settle on some more issues.

  10. Nwosu Desmond

    Remaining updated with the latest SEO tips is the surest way to avoid being penalized by search engines. Thanks for providing such a wonderful list of what doesn’t work anymore, i am glad i read this post today.

  11. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Thank you Suresh sir for reminding :) Even, I am new at blogging but I was trying some method you mentioned above, I think I need to stop doing this !

    Happy to see you again here in Dukeo ! Willing to see you again here :) Have a happy time ahead !

  12. Suresh Khanal

    I’m happy that you come to know some of your mistakes in optimizing your blog. Hope it will help you better.

    I owe a huge thank you for publishing my interview. You let me reveal more of me among your readers.

  13. Rt Cunningham

    The SEO boat sailed long ago. For WordPress blogs, the only SEO I’m doing these days is whatever the Yoast plugin recommends (and not even all of it) and SEO auto links for internal linking.

    Since everything seems to be geared for being social these days, I connect everything socially and let the links fall where they may.

  14. Karen Woodham

    Sometimes when I mention “SEO” to people they look at me as if I’ve said a dirty word! With everything changing all the time, it’s seems to get harder and harder trying to know what is right and what is wrong!

  15. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Though I am a writer myself, I have a very short span of concentration and it requires some extraordinary stuff to make me read an entire post as long as this one.
    You have made some very valid and interesting tips for people who might be thinking of trying to outsmart Google.
    But with Google being a lot more determined to provide genuine and original content to its readers, no such tactics work any more. Infact, they can invite penalties in a big way.
    Thanks for sharing, Suresh! :) :)

  16. Kimberly Mcelhaney

    Wow. I don’t even have my site up before the rules change! Thank you for being brutally honest and forthright. Honest journalistic views are a rarity and I am continuously seeking the best cross section of resources, people and programing only to get ACCurate information without a sales pitch linked to it.
    Gracious Sir.

  17. Arwin Adriano

    Well, what I believe that does not expired is real engagement and branding. If your blog is equipped with those arsenals I am sure you don’t need to worry about your SEO as people will be attracted with your site without the help of it.

  18. Shameem

    Hey Suresh,
    Great seo checklist which will be useful for newbie bloggers and press release have still worth i guess but its should be used in right manner as you have mentioned but some people use for the sake of general promotion i hate theme a lot

  19. Charmie

    Very good winding up sir. There are two or three methods which I also need to change for a better SEO. The best part about this article is that you have successfully cleared up many meanings and definations.

    Very very informative and a must applied one for any blogging site.


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