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Consumers are constantly inundated with repetitive traditional advertising messages, bombarding their lives, interrupting their TV shows, their radio programs, their magazine reading, and generally getting in the way.

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Consumers feel little emotional connection with these brands, and if they are persuaded to buy it is simply because the brand that shouted the loudest got their attention. This outdated approach to marketing communications is dying fast.

To gain lasting customer loyalty, brands must give something back. In the new century, the relationships between brands and their target audiences are being revolutionized by “experiential” marketing tactics.

Experiential Marketing looks at the experiential marketing era, which focuses on giving target audiences a brand-relevant customer experience that adds value to their lives. Experiential marketing is made up of live brand experiences – two way communications between consumers and brands, communications which are designed to bring brand personalities to life.

This book demonstrates how experiential marketing fits in with the current marketing climate and how to go about planning, activating and evaluating it for best results. This is essential reading for both advertising and marketing practitioners and marketing students.

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  1. David Stephan

    Tks for your recommendation but I was disappointing to see that is not Kindle version of it.

    1. Steven

      I don’t have a kindle. And call me old school but I still like the feel of a good ol’ book.

    2. David Stephan

      I have Kindle but also I love to read books in “real” format. Right now I read “FREE” by CHRIS ANDERSON (of course isn’t free…) in hardcover format. It is very good and I recommend it to you to read if you have time

    3. Steven

      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give it a look.

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