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Email Update: 5 Things to Send to Your Subscribers

From the minute you start your first blog you hear, “The money is in the list! You have to build a LIST!” So you work like a dog building a list and then what? You send them an affiliate link once or twice a week and in between emails you forget all about them because it’s all about … building a list! Don’t ignore those people, they’re your most loyal readers. Here are five things to email your subscribers today to let them know you value their loyalty.

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1. Give Them A Gift

You probably used some type of free mini-guide to attract new subscribers and really, how much time does it take to put together another one, only this time, give it exclusively to your subscribers. Nothing says “I Love You” like a gift that only a few, select members receive.

2. Ask Them A Question

Ask your subscribers for help. Tell them you know they’re your most loyal, regular readers so who better to ask about new content ideas or a blog redesign. Your giving them a sense of ownership in your blog by encouraging them to participate in the decision making process.

3. Tell Them A Secret

Again, keep it exclusive and share a secret with only your subscribers. Let them know about your plans for a new blog design or a new video you’re working on. Something that makes them feel like part-owners in your blog. Make it a BIG secret, something really remarkable and valuable, and they’ll love you forever.

4. Alert Them To The News

Big changes afoot in your niche and you’ve got the scoop? Alert your subscribers today. Tell them what’s going on, what to watch out for, and how it’s going to affect them

5. Invite Them To A Party

Invite them to something. Publish a private post on your blog. Publish a new type of content on your blog, like a video or an infographic, and ask them to leave a comment to help kick it off. Better yet, host a Twitter chat for subscribers only. If you have a good relationship with an advertiser, see if you can get a free gift to give away during the chat. If not, pick up a couple of $10 online Starbucks gift cards.

It takes a lot of hard work and high-quality content to convince someone to subscribe to your list. People don’t just turn over their email address to every Tom, Dick and Harry that asks for it. Now that they’re on your list, do something on a regular basis to show your appreciation. Start with one of the five things or come up with one of your own. And tell us about it in the comments.


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