Email That Sells 10 Tips to Write Your Best Email

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Email That Sells: 10 Tips to Write Your Best Email

Everybody told you “The Money is in the List.” So you worked your butt off and built that list and you don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. You have 2,000 names on your list, you’re sending out emails, and you’re still not seeing any sales. Well, I’m here to tell you that email marketing works and you’re probably just doing something wrong. Here are 10 tips to write an email that sells.

Make your list relevant

So many marketers set up one list that covers every topic they cover on all their blogs. Instead, set up multiple lists so each list is relevant to one specific topic. If a subscriber joined your list for dog training tips, then that’s all he wants to see. If you send him something else, he’s going to quit opening your emails. Send him his dog tips and in your email you can let him know that you also have information about cats. Then give him a link to a blog post that invites him to join your other list for cat training tips.

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Deliver on your promises

What did you promise your subscribers in order to get them to join your list? Are you delivering on that promise? Because that’s the only reason that subscriber joined your list. If you want to deliver something else, set up another list.

Focus on Building Subscriber Loyalty

Think of your email subscribers as your own personal social network. Ask them questions and make it easy for them to contact you with a response. Set up a private area on your blog just for your subscribers, even if it’s just one blog post where they can chat in the comments section.

Do not send your subscribers to random sales pages

Your subscribers joined your list because they want to hear from you – not this week’s next affiliate advertiser. If you have something you want to sell them, write up an informative blog post with a call to action and send them there. They’ll be more likely to click through once they see your personal recommendation on your blog.

Schedule your emails

Send your emails at the same time, the same day, every week so your subscribers get used to seeing them pop up in their inbox. Skip just one or two and they’ll forget who you are.

Quit trying to trick them into opening

Use appropriate, relevant subject lines. Your subscribers know you’re not really responding to one of their emails and they know they didn’t go to high school with you. So don’t try to trick them with your subject lines. That’s how you lose subscribers. And maybe even get reported for spamming.

Use your real name and website address

Use your real name and a domain based email address so your subscribers know they’re communicating with a real, professional human being. This also helps create a more personal bond between you and your subscribers, which in turn encourages loyalty.

Use a reputable email provider

A lot of your subscribers have some pretty tight security on their computers, security that locks out unscrupulous email services. Use a reputable email provider to ensure your emails make it past all the filters.

Create Scarcity and Cull Your List

One of the best ways to increase email sales is to limit the size of your list. Create a sense of scarcity and before you know it, everyone wants on-board and everyone is opening your emails. Let your subscribers know that only a certain number of slots are open and if you don’t see them opening your emails they’ll be deleted from your list.

Quit worrying about selling

If you really want to write an email that sells… Quit worrying about selling! Instead, over-deliver on some quality, exclusive information that your subscribers can’t find anywhere else. Remind them to visit your blog for even more quality information and include your calls to action in your blog posts.


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  1. Donna Merrill

    Agreed! Email Marketing Does Work because the money is in your list. I like your tips especially the one where you advise not to worry about money.

    If you are emailing on a consistent basis and have your strategy set up well, eventually there will be opt ins later on. You just have to grab their attention and everyone is attracted to a different title, or email message. I have people join my opt-in months later sometimes. I do cull my list and schedule my emails. I think I write more on my emails than I do on my blog! I consider my list golden. Plus I don’t hit them up with random opportunities. I keep it on point giving useful information and also mix it up with stories. Works well to build relationships with my list.

    I would say “Never Give up” And thank you for posting this. Some give up because they don’t get instant responses It’s an ongoing process.

    Donna Merrill

    1. Steven

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience Donna!

      Building the relationship with your list really is the key to email marketing success.

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