Email Marketing Mistakes Avoid These 6 Classic Mistakes

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Email Marketing Mistakes: Avoid These 6 Classic Mistakes

As with any other form of marketing, if you’re into email marketing you’ll find that there are some very common mistakes that people tend to make, over and over again. Find out about the most common mistakes and make sure that you avoid making them. Learning from other people’s mistakes is a smart thing to do.

  1. SPAM! Email marketing is governed by all kinds of laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act. This means that people who you send messages to must have agreed that you can send emails to them. If they’re not in agreement, you’ll get in a lot of trouble if they report you. Therefore, email marketing is not a case of scraping millions of email addresses from Google and blasting out SPAM messages; it’s a case of building lists through opt-in pages.
  2. SPAM (again)! Even if people do give you permission to email them, it doesn’t mean they want you to message them every 5 minutes with a new affiliate offer or deal. Make sure you pace yourself – send out emails every week, or every other week. Don’t smother your subscribers and don’t SPAM them with affiliate links and offers.
  3. Sharing lists. There comes a time when email marketers look at their list, and they see dollar signs. Selling or sharing a list is never a good idea – not least due to the fact it’s illegal in many cases. Don’t be tempted to swap or share your list – you could be breaking the law, and you’ll alienate your subscribers.
  4. Promoting poor products. Remember that every time you promote a product to your list, you’re basically giving that product your personal stamp of approval. If something goes wrong with that product or it turns out to be rubbish, anyone who took your recommendation will instantly lower their opinion of you. If you peddle crap products to your list, you’ll lose the trust of your subscribers. Without trust, you’ll find it hard to make sales going forward, so remember this.
  5. Poor content. Lots of email marketers don’t speak English as their first language. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but bear in mind that emails sent in broken English don’t convert well at all. If you’re not fluent in the language you’re using to communicate with your list, outsource the content writing. Proper grammar and spelling make you look more respectable, and authoritative.
  6. Failing to build a bond. Before you go peddling products to your subscribers, it’s important you take some time to build a bond with them. If you don’t do this and you jump straight into sending them affiliate links, they’ll know your game. After the user hits your email list, send out a series of auto-responder messages to them in order to build that sense of mutual trust with them.

Above are just some of the classic mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to email marketing. Learn from the above mistakes and avoid making them yourself.

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  1. Kaan

    This was a really good article, thanks. However, to build that list, placement and exposure of the submit form on the landing page is also really important.

    1. Steven

      This article is mostly about the mistakes people make once people have subscribed, but thanks for pointing this out Kaan!

  2. Brand Identity Firm In Atlanta

    As a small business owner, I have learned this mistakes all to well. I wish I had this list before starting my first campaign. Fortunately, I learned quickly and things are really starting to pay off.

    1. Steven

      I’m glad to head that you were able to overcome these difficulties

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