Email List Strength 2 Little Known Secrets to Make it Stronger

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Email List Strength: 2 Little Known Secrets to Make it Stronger

Everybody has their own little secret for getting more out of their email marketing efforts. Some of those secrets will only work if you’re following the exact same step-by-step plan and some will only work if you’re promoting just the right product to just the right audience. Here are two little secrets that will work to strengthen your list no matter how you’re going to market.

Encourage Better Opening Rates

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how many tens of thousands of subscribers you have, what matters is how many of them open your emails. So, if they’re not opening, delete them from your list. I know, that sounds harsh. But consider this:

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They’re costing you money: If you’re using a reputable email service provider like Aweber then you’re paying a monthly fee that’s based on your number of subscribers. So each of those unopened emails is costing you money.

They’re skewing your stats: If you have 10,000 subscribers and only 1,000 open your emails, then you have an 10 percent open rate. If only 100 people click through on your links then you have a .01 percent click through rate. But those numbers would improve immensely if you deleted the 9,000 people who weren’t opening your emails.

Skewed statistics aside, how much more confident and aggressive would you be with your email marketing campaigns if your click through rate was already at 10 percent? Your emails are working, but you don’t realize it because of all the dead weight you’re carrying around.

Before you delete those non-opening subscribers, publish a blog post to announce your intentions. Let your readers know that you’re going to be sending out an email a week for the next month and at the end of the month you’re going to delete everyone who hasn’t opened at least one. If they want to stay on your list they’ll open. If they don’t open, you don’t want them on your list anyway.

Include A Call To Action

A call to action doesn’t always have to be “Click Here To Buy Now!” In fact, you’ll have better results if you save that for your sales page. But don’t just send you subscribers an informative email and leave it at that. Tell them what you want them to do next.

Plan your emails so you can send your subscribers back to a relevant blog post. Or publish a corresponding blog post and run a poll or survey, or ask for questions, or run a contest that requires shares and likes. Or, link that blog post to a squeeze page, an opt-in form, or even one of your own ales pages. Even better? Tell your subscribers to share that email with their friends and include a link to your opt-in form.

Don’t just send your subscribers to some random advertiser’s sales page. Use your emails as an extension of your blog to keep your subscribers engaged. Eliminate the dead weight and watch those real stats grow as you strengthen your list.


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  1. Andi The Minion

    I also heard that you should delete those names that are recorded as unsubscribed as Aweber still charge you for them until they are fully purged from the system. I was a little shocked when I heard that, there are probably loads of people who are sat with lists of unsubscribers in their Aweber accounts. Is there any truth to it?

    1. Steven

      Absolutely, it’s important to keep your list healthy. And deleting people who are unsubscribed is part of the process. You can keep them for analytics purpose (for example seeing if most of people who unsubscribed were coming from the same signup form), but you’re going to get charged by Aweber to keep them in the system.

      It’s good practice to log into your Aweber account regularly to delete them (if you don’t need the analytics data).

  2. Pauline

    Hi Ste
    It is also important to build up a relationship with your subscribers so they can trust you and know that you are not just sending out promotional emails, I give mine lots of free things and lots of good information, then maybe 1 in 10 emails are to persuade them to buy from me.
    Hope you have a great day

    1. Steven

      1 out of 10 emails is a good info/promotion ratio. And you’re right Pauline, building the relationship is absolutely essential

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