Email List or RSS Which One Should You Build?

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Email List or RSS: Which One Should You Build?

If you are a blogger that is working towards making a living on your blog then you have to consider more than the content you create. You have to look at the status of your blog and the value that it holds. It also means you have to consider working towards building on that value. Much of this can come through both the RSS subscriber list and the Email list that you develop. As a blogger you are likely aware of this, but you may be wondering which is more important. If you have to focus on this task, which one should your attention be given to?

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Your RSS list is simply a list of those that have subscribed to your blog. They receive a display of your posts on their RSS feed. That is not to say that this list is not important. It holds great importance when others are looking at your site for financial purposes. If someone is considering investing with you for any reason they will take note of how many subscribers you have because they tells them how popular your blog is. That is why so many bloggers work hard to develop and build a healthy RSS list for their site.

An email list is quite different. Your readers will still opt in, but they will be able to receive more than a copy of your blog post. You can send them important information, special deals and even events that you want to promote. This list gives you the power to contact your readers randomly and push them back towards your site when you deem it is important. Not only is this list an important marketing tool, it also shows those same investors that you are popular enough that others wanted to opt-in to your list. Bloggers find this as important as well and work to build it up over time.

Now that you know what they both entail, which should you focus on? Given that they both have benefits and add to your social standing, the answer should easily be both. There are ways to focus equal time on each of them and continue to build them as needed. You want to have a strong email list, but you want others to see a thorough RSS following as well. So rather than choose between the two, take the time to build up both of them and reap the rewards of that decision.

As you begin to build up your lists, keep in mind that your content should still be top quality. If you overlook that in an attempt to look good to others you will lose readers, subscribers and members of your email list. It is always important to remember that you are there for the readers as much as you are there for the money. Without them you have no blog and the income will go away. As long as you focus on the right things it is okay to spend time devoted solely to building your lists and your reputation.


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  1. Richard Gahzinya

    No doubt about the decision for me… it’s email. Not even worth a decision.

    Here’s why:

    When a get a new subscriber into my opt-in funnel, I email a followup of every single blog post I’ve ever made… sent every day.

    Not only are my unsubscribe rates super low, I make sales every day.

    You can’t do this with RSS.

  2. Mike

    I think it’s important to note that both of these are crucial for showing investors how successful you are. They are going to want to see both before they start giving you your money, and those are hard numbers that show them exactly what they are getting.

  3. Michelle

    Never doubt the power of the email list! That’s where I make most of my money. I know that if I can get someone to sign up then that means that they place value in my site, and will be more likely to buy from me.

    1. Mitch

      The two top things you want to build in your readers is trust and value. If your blog does that, then the email list is an invaluable tool. Pretty cool of Steven to do a breakdown of each for everybody to clear it up. :)

  4. Gorman

    I might have to try Aweber, if what you say is true. And for only $1, that’s really not bad!

    1. Liz

      Me too, that’s supa cheap! Could be really worth it according to this post.

  5. Affmaster

    I think Richard makes a very compelling point. The RSS feed is definitely limited in what it can do for you income-wise.

  6. Samie

    I like what the post says: Instead of choosing between the two, just make sure to work and build up both! I say that you should never limit yourself, it’s always better to have both than to be limited to one or the other.

    1. Chris

      I agree with this because of everything you and the article said, but also because I’m indecisive! Indecisiveness for the win!!

    2. Samie

      HAHA! I’d say that this is one rare exception where being indecisive actually leads you to make the best decision.

  7. Anon

    Everyone says “Quality over quantity.” But luckily in this line of business, quality means that you’ll increase your quantity! Keep great content and engage your readers and you’re bound to get them hooked on whatever you offer, RSS or email list.

    1. John

      It’s definitely a shame when people start getting so caught up in the making money aspect that they stop caring about the quality, or the readers for that matter. That’s a sure way to lose everything.

    2. Anon

      Exactly, and really as a blogger you want to focus on all aspects. Offer everything you’ve got!

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