Email List Money How to Build a Money-Printing Machine?

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Email List Money: How to Build a Money-Printing Machine?

There are lists, and then there are lists that make money. If your email marketing conversion rate is in the toilet, sometimes it’s because your emails suck, or you’re just promoting terrible products. But more often than not, it’s not what you’re mailing out to your list, it’s your list itself. Here’s how to build an email list that makes money.

Your Need Quality Content First

The most important thing you need to do is make sure your blog is filled with top-quality content that’s relevant to the subscribers you want to attract. Your blog, in essence, is your bait. If visitors don’t like your blog, then why would they want to subscribe to your list?

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This step is easier said than done. You’ll need to do plenty of research to find out who’s interested in buying the products you’ll be promoting, what keywords they’ll use for their searches, and what questions they’re going to be asking. You can skip this step and just cast a wide net and see what you catch, but in the long run your list will be more productive if it’s targeted.

Create A Hook

When I first started blogging everyone suggested that you give your readers something free to entice them to join your list. Then, all of a sudden, everyone switched gears and said that visitors weren’t biting on that bait anymore. However, this is the reason you have to have a blog filled with top-quality content. People have a hard time handing over their email address. If your blog is stuffed with poor-quality spammy content, of course there’s no amount of free product in the world that will convince them to subscribe to your list. In that respect, readers have become a lot more savvy.

Create An Opt-In Page

You can place an opt-in form in several different places on your blog and you’ll get a few subscribers. But you’ll get a lot more if you create a page that explains the benefits of subscribing to your list. Tell them about the free product you’re offering, and tell them about your free, informative weekly newsletter. Don’t just show them a form and ask them to subscribe. Tell them what they’re going to get, Johnny!

Create An Opt-In Funnel

Increase your conversions right off the bat by creating an opt-in funnel. When you use Aweber you have the option of sending your reader to a default Thank You page that simply says, “Thanks for subscribing” or you can send them to a page on your blog.

It might seem greedy to send someone to a sales page right after they subscribed to your list but really, that’s not how your new subscriber is going to look at it. He’s already excited about your blog and even though he hasn’t seen your free product yet, he’s excited about that, too. He’s in the mood, right now, to willingly listen to anything you have to say. In fact, he’d enjoy hearing more.

Send that new subscriber to a Thank You page with an upsell on your blog while he’s still in the buying mood. Make sure you over-deliver and you’ll have a life-long customer.

Use A Lightbox Opt-In Popup

Until recently I was always hesitant to use a popup on my blog but I really like the WordPress plugin called Popup Domination. It’s a robust plug-in that allows you to change the setting to suit your audience. For example, you can have it pop up on your homepage or on the second impression. That way, your regular visitors aren’t constantly bothered by the pop up, they’ll only see it if they go further into your blog.

And if new visitors go further into your blog, that means they find your content interesting, so they’ll be more likely to subscribe when they see the pop up. You can also configure the frequency so your repeat visitors don’t see the pop up every time they visit your blog. I’ve seen a considerable increase in subscriptions since I started using this plugin, and because of the way I have it configured, those subscriptions are better targeted which results in higher quality email list that makes money.

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