Email List Burnout The 5 Fastest Ways to Negate Your Efforts

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Email List Burnout: The 5 Fastest Ways to Negate Your Efforts

You have to go to a lot of trouble to generate a decent email list so why more affiliates don’t take better care of it is beyond me. I mean, you pay to send traffic to your landing page, you spend time creating a freebie to giveaway, you spend money every month on email service provider fees. And don’t get me started on how much time you have to spend actually writing emails, setting up landing pages and loading up autoresponders.

All I can figure is they don’t appreciate the value of that list of subscribers. Each and every person on that list has literally agreed to accept and open your emails. They had to. It’s the law! And as long as you keep them happy, they’ll keep opening. Like I said, it’s beyond me why anyone would want to jeopardize their list. But you asked for it. Here are the 5 fastest ways to burn out your email list. Just in case you want to kill your business.

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Mail too often: Sending an email to your list every single day of the week and twice on Sunday is a little much. If you’re posting consistently on your blog and sending out daily emails, chances are the content in one or the other – or maybe even both – is weak and thready because you’re spreading it too thin. And when you’re not providing killer content people will unsubscribe from your list and stop visiting your blog.

Don’t mail often enough: On the other hand, if you never send an email to your list, or you only send one once or twice a month, your subscribers it’s likely your subscribers will forget who you are and stop opening your emails altogether. Eventually, when you do their monthly email dump, they’ll just unsubscribe because they won’t know who you are.

Don’t deliver on your promises: When your subscribers joined your list you promised them tips and tricks and a weekly newsletter. And your subject lines all hint at some amazing information inside. Yet, when they open up your emails there’s some puny little paragraph, telling your readers they can visit your blog for some exciting new information. What happened to all the quality content you promised you were going to include in those emails? Your subscribers are expecting something extra in exchange for giving you their contact information and you’re just sending them a link to your blog.

Sell, sell, SELL! Worse than thready content, or even no emails at all, are the promotional emails that some bloggers feel the need to mail out every other day. Your readers follow your blog because they trust you and if they didn’t, they never would have subscribed to your list. So they really do appreciate it when you let them know about new products or opportunities because they figure you know best.

But they don’t like to be bombarded with spammy promotional emails every single day. Especially when the links lead to crappy products that you’re just pushing because you don’t have anything better to promote. Too many promotional emails and they’ll stop opening and eventually unsubscribe.

Trick them into opening: These are the worst and they’ve started appearing more and more often in my email inbox. The subject line is always something like “re: here’s that link you requested” or “In response to your request for …” or even “Hey! I forgot to attach this so I’m resending.” I fell for it the first few times. The third time I unsubscribed. Now, I report these marketers as the spammers they are first, and then I unsubscribe.

Your email list is a business asset. If you don’t believe me, just ask someone to give you their list. And look around at all the people who’ll sell you a bundle of email addresses. Your list is valuable and you need to do everything within your power to protect and nurture it, so it continues to grow and thrive.

You may not realize it but the hard part is over. Generating the list is what takes all the real work. Getting those people to give you their email address and click on that opt-in link took some pretty awesome blog content. When they finally come over to your side that means you’ve earned their trust. And that’s generally the only thing standing between you and a sale. Don’t throw all your hard work out the window by doing something foolish that will burn out your list.


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  1. Amit Shaw

    Hey Steven really Great Job. I never focused on EMail list but after reading too many articles from so many sites i came to point that if we want to become affiliate marketer than its mandatory to create a huge email list.
    Thanks for this tips.

    1. Steven

      Building a list is not only a way to make money online, but always a very effective way to grow your blog. You can email your list when you are posting high quality to your blog so they will come and comment on it.

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