Email Conversions 10 Easy Steps to Increase Them

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Email Conversions: 10 Easy Steps to Increase Them

Everybody tells you that the money is in the list. But no one really tells you what to do with the list after you get it. You’ve sent out email after email and haven’t seen a cent. Now what? Here are 10 easy steps to increase your email conversions and start making money with your list.

  1. Require opt-in: If you’re using a reputable email service provider like Aweber or iContact, then your subscribers have no choice, they have to click a link verifying that they are voluntarily accepting your emails. Requiring your subscribers to opt in let’s them know that you’re a reputable, serious marketer and adds credibility. If your readers agree, if they click on that link and accept, then you know they’re just sitting there waiting for your emails.
  2. Use great subject lines: Treat the subject lines of your emails the same way you would your article titles. A killer title includes a key word or phrase to indicate relevancy. It tells the reader what they’ll learn when they read the article. And it tells the reader how this information will be of benefit. For example, “10 Easy Steps to Increase Your Email Conversions and Start Making Money With Your List.”
  3. Use the same From address: It’s important to use the same From address each time you email your list. Most people are on high alert for spam email and they only open if the recognize the sender. Sending from multiple emails will make you look like a spammer and eventually none of your emails will be opened. And guess what? If they’re not opened, they’re not going to convert.
  4. Send in html and text: Some readers are leery of opening text, some prefer text. Some can’t even see html, others can’t see plain text. Do yourself a favor and improve you conversion rate by sending in both formats so your readers can be sure to see the links you include.
  5. Send consistently: Create an email schedule and stick to it. For one thing, it makes you look like a legitimate business person instead of just some spammy marketer. But it’s also important to keep your address fresh in your subscribers’ minds. Skip a week or two and see how many people open your next email. Zip! Send on a regular basis to keep you subscribers interested.
  6. Be relevant: Most marketers have multiple lists, some have multiple lists for each site. Don’t be tempted to send your game card offers to your baby blog subscribers just because you think you can pick up a few extra sales. You’ll look spammy, they’ll unsubscribe, and both of your lists will be lost. A better idea would be to put a small paragraph and one little link at the end of the email and invite them to visit your new blog. When they get there they can join that list if they want to.
  7. Quality content: Again, you need to treat your emails just like articles and blog posts. An email is another way of putting content in front of the reader and they’re only going to stick around for a few seconds. Make sure your email has some good, unique, and compelling content so your subscriber will click on your link.
  8. Split test your landing page: Maybe it’s not your email that’s screwing up your conversions. Maybe it’s your landing page. If you have a good click through rate then it’s time to start split testing your landing pages. Hire a copywriter if you have to but obviously something there is out of whack.
  9. Get white listed: It doesn’t take much for your emails to drift into spam folders, either, and there’s a good possibility that’s your problem. Try posting about it in your blog. Let your readers know that you’re getting ready to send out a killer email and ask them to please make sure they check their spam folders. At the very least, you’ll attract some attention and more people will open. But you might be surprised at just how many people weren’t even aware you’d been emailing because everything was going straight to spam.
  10. Connect personally: If all you ever do is sell, sell, sell, your readers are going to quickly get irritated. They’ll unsubscribe, they may even issue a complaint to your ESP, and worse yet, they may end up reporting your for spam. Increase your email conversions by using email marketing to connect with your subscribers. Send out interesting niche-related news, conduct surveys and polls, send holiday greetings, and once in a while throw in a sales promotion.

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  1. David Stephan

    Aweber is the best but mailchimp deserve a try. I use both of them. Aweber for my importants websites, mailchimp for rest of them (second tier).

    1. Steven

      On Aweber you can create an unlimited number of Mailing Lists, so I don’t see the need to use another service to do something I am already paying for… And they’ve proven to me that they’re the best at what they do.

    2. David Stephan

      My problem with Aweber is that in the moment when the number of subscribers go over 2500 the price become 49/month no matter how many emails sent.

    3. Steven

      They provide an amazing service so I have no problem paying for it :)

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