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Email Auto-responder: Writing Your Emails for Optimal Response

An auto-responder is an email that is sent out automatically to your list. Auto-responders can be scheduled so they’re sent out periodically after a new user joins your list, or they can be scheduled so that everyone on your list receives the message at the same time – no matter if they’ve been on your list for a day, or a year.

Writing an auto-responder isn’t like writing an email. The fact is that most auto-responders are likely be selling something – so it’s not just a case of scrawling down a few words and hoping for the best.

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If you’re serious about email marketing and you’re investing your time into it, it’s important you get the best possible auto-responders.

Whether that means writing them yourself or outsourcing them – you need to be sure the emails that are being sent out are of the highest possible quality.

Spelling and grammar matters

If you’re not that great at speaking English, or you’re not that great at writing English, don’t write your auto-responders yourself. Instead, write down a rough draft of what you want in the message and outsource the task.

This way you can be sure that the auto-responder is written grammatically sound, and it’s spelling error free.

Don’t just go and hire the cheapest contractor you can find – make sure you’re willing to pay a reasonable amount for good quality work. Remember if you crack the auto-responder message from the start you’ll be making cash on autopilot for some time to come.

There’s no shame in not speaking English as your first language, or not feeling comfortable enough to write your own auto-responders. These messages are very important and need to be very well written –so make a little investment in some professionally written copy – because it should pay off big time in the long run.

Don’t be too pushy

We all know that email marketing is a way to make money, but don’t let that desire to see dollar signs take over your email marketing campaign. If you stuff every single message full of affiliate links or buy buttons you’re going to anger your subscribers.

Instead you should aim to send out 3 or 4 emails at the start without any form of sales copy in them at all. These emails should offer advice and value to your subscribers.

Once they get used to you helping them and they trust what you say, you can then start to gently push some affiliate links their way.

Even when you’ve made the first sale, you should still aim to strike a very careful balance between offering value to your readers, and trying to get them to buy something.

It’s a tricky process and you’ll probably have to amend your auto-responder series as you go along, based on the reactions of your subscribers.

Writing auto-responders is tedious and boring, but you have to look forward and realize that if done right you can earn thousands of dollars without doing anything – it’s passive income.

If you can’t put up with the boredom or don’t have the time to write your own, outsourcing is a good idea.


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