Ebook Delivery How to Deliver an Ebook to Your Newsletter Subscribers

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Ebook Delivery: How to Deliver an Ebook to Your Newsletter Subscribers

Offering your readers a free ebook is a good incentive to use to get them to subscribe to your newsletter. But now that they’ve subscribed, how do you deliver it? Glad you asked. I have two solutions for you.

First, you’ll need to turn that ebook into a pdf file. Some bloggers suggest that you put that pdf inside a zipped file for delivery on the grounds that some people have trouble when they click directly on a pdf. Personally, I just deliver the link directly to the pdf and I’ve never had anyone say they had a problem.

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Delivery Method #1

The easiest way to deliver that ebook is to just include the link for the pdf file in an autoresponder message that goes out to the subscriber as soon as they opt in, or, of you’re delivering an ebook to existing subscribers you can just include the link in your next newsletter. “Click here for your free ebook!

Delivery Method #2

No matter how many subscribers you have you’re inevitably going to have people who stop opening, for whatever reason. One way to guard against that is to create a feeling of exclusivity. It’s also a great way to entice people to subscribe.

To create that feeling of exclusivity, let your readers know that your newsletter subscribers get information above and beyond what you deliver in your day-to-day blog postings. Your ebook is a good example to start with, but your subscribers will feel even more special if they have their own little “private” area set aside on your blog.

So here’s how you can deliver that ebook, encourage more subscribers, and keep the subscribers you already have opening, all at the same time:

Set up a private, password protected blog post and upload your ebook to that post. Now, send your subscribers your regular, information-packed newsletter and invite them to join you in the “Members Only” are of your blog where you have some exclusive information along with a free ebook. Don’t forget to give them the password so they can access the post.

Granted, it’s a little more complicated, but it has a strong psychological effect on your subscribers. They’re members of an exclusive club – and we all know how attractive that is.

It has the added benefit of getting your subscribers back to your blog. Many of them will glance through your newsletter every week and IF they see something that catches their eye they’ll visit your blog. If not, they’ll wait for your next newsletter – and gradually they’ll lose interest altogether.

Now, you can deliver that ebook like everybody else does – and have probably the same dismal results everyone else has – or you can put a little bit of effort into creating that feeling of exclusivity and have your subscribers eating out of your hand. It’s entirely up to you!

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      Hey Malika, I’m sorry but a day is always made of 24 hours… However, you can try to work smarter and learn to prioritize your tasks.

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