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Easy Mailing List: Growing a List Has Never Been Easier

Chances are you have heard how important a mailing list can be to your business. Not only does it let potential revenue sources know of the interest in your site, it can provide you with a valuable tool to market your product. That is why you always want to put effort into growing your mailing list. The hard part comes in when you try to determine how to grow that list effectively. You want it to build significantly, but it can seem frustrating trying to find the right ways to get people to sign up. You most likely are missing several key ways to bring in those names.

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Obviously you can use your site to market the list. Having people sign up on your site is one of the simplest ways to go about growing your list. However, you need to know how to get them to do it. A lot of people will skip the email list if they have the option simply because they do not like getting the emails. So you have to appeal to them on a level they appreciate. What better way to do that than to offer them something for free? Yes, you can offer a free product in exchange for signing up to your list. It may be a newsletter, coupon, savings offer or simply some information that you do not keep public. People have been using this method for a while and it works to generate a healthy list.

You also have the opportunity to produce contests and giveaways. In exchange for signing up for your mailing list the participant will gain an entry into the contest. Many people will choose to sign up if the prize is something they truly want to win. This way of enticing your visitors to participate has been tried and tested and proven to work.

When you need additional methods you have to take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Not all of them are on your site. Use your social media sites to promote your mailing list. Many times you will have friends, fans and followers on these sites that have not visited your page regularly. By letting them know of your special offers for signing up you are giving more people the chance to join your list and acquire their free items. They get what they are after and your list continues to grow each day.

You should never discount the power that your mailing list can have on your business. It can provide you with greater opportunities for revenue and can give you assistance in marketing. Spend plenty of time coming up with new and innovative ways to add people to your list. This will ensure that you have the numbers you want and reap the benefits it can bring. Though it may seem like it, you will find that doing so is not that difficult. Just remember that people like to be approached with how this will benefit them. Show they what they are getting and they will sign up quickly.

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  1. Michelle

    This is great! I’m constantly looking for new ways to add to my mailing list. I think a contest or giveaway is a fabulous idea, it’s something that I know I can afford, and it will excite my readers and give them a reason to join!

  2. Samie

    It’s a hard position to be in, because I know I for one hate getting email newsletters and junk mail. But I know that I need to have a mailing list to have a successful business. I think my solution has always been to keep emails short and entertaining. That seems to please everyone. It also encourages forwarding, which increases exposure and potentially grows the list.

    1. Gorman

      If you can promote forwarding, that’s going to be a solid factor in increasing your mailing list, and increasing exposure in general. Very cool, if you’re able to do that for real.

  3. Mike

    Offering something for free is a sure-fire way to get someone to join. Hook, line and sinker. They fall for it every time.

    1. Mitch

      I know! I always fall for it, every single time. It’s totally ridiculous that I have a hard time doing this to promote my own business. I guess I just never know what to give away…

    2. Mike

      Well, like the article says, it can be anything from like a contest, a sweepstakes, a coupon, a consultation, or even dinner. Anything to get their attention. Sometimes even asking random trivia questions, like on your twitter or facebook, will have people giving you more interaction than you’ve seen in weeks because they all will want to show off. The possibilities are endless, just try something new.

  4. Sarah

    My mailing list could definitely use some growth. I feel like the people I do email aren’t even reading them, either.

    1. Affmaster

      That, my dear, probably has more to do with what you’re sending them. Spice it up a little bit and you may be surprised by what follows.

    2. Sarah

      Yeah, I know you’re probably right, it’s just hard to not make it boring. I hate writing newsletters haha.

  5. Anon

    If you haven’t been using social media to do this by now, you need to remedy that as soon as possible. You would be astounded by how much your mailing list will grow. Just try it and see.

  6. Buysellwordpress

    but I think that today mot so many people will believe that something can be got for free, and it can be even considered as spam.
    Of course, I liked your idea about growing mailing list, at least it sounds very well))

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