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If you have created a blog then you know the importance of attention. From visitors to subscribers you need people who are noticing your blog. Sometimes that just doesn’t happen and it can leave you frustrated and confused. The truth is that there is always a reason and you likely already have an idea of what it might me. You just may not realize it yet. If you look over the most common reasons for blogs being overlooked, you just may find your answer has been there all along.

blog not getting attention

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  1. Weak content: Nothing will ruin a blog like bad content. If you are not an expert at something and have nothing valuable to share on the topic then you should not have a blog on it. You want your content to be strong, informative and entertaining. It should grab and hold attention easily and give readers a reason to come back.
  2. It’s too busy: Sometimes you do everything right and make one wrong move in the design. If your blog is too busy and there is way too much on the page then readers might have a hard time maintaining focus. Eventually they will simply give up and move on. They are on your site for a reason and they do not want you to crowd it up with useless information. Stick to things that are relevant for your reader and you will see fewer people leave right away.
  3. Marketing failure: If you haven’t marketed your blog correctly then you cannot expect it to receive the attention you want. You need people to know about it before you can expect them to choose it. Travel the internet and spread the word. Leave links on other blogs, forums, websites and social networking sites. Write articles promoting your blog. The more you do, the better your success will be.
  4. You aren’t an authority: When all is said and done, people want their information from an authority on the subject. You have to prove that to your readers. You do this through content, associations, credentials and even simply building up those on your list who agree. Take the time to work on proving your authority long before you worry about how much attention you are getting. If you do not know the topic, maybe it is time to close up and write about something that you do understand.

It is critical to your blog’s success that you acquire the attention you want and need. If your blog has been around a while and still doesn’t have the readership and traffic you think it should then you want to examine the blog itself. Sometimes what you work so hard on can be the very thing that is working against you. In this case, your blog content or lack of effort could be the sole reason that you are failing in this venture. Rather than worry about why, fix the problem and work your way into success.

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