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When you first start blogging the only thing you’re thinking about is getting that blog up and running so you can start making some money. Soon, though, you start wondering – Did you miss something? You know there are bloggers out there who really do make a six-figure income. But at this rate, it’s going to take the rest of your life. How do they do it? Nobody, but nobody, “just blogs.” Check out this strategy to discover some of the online business models they use.

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Visit Flippa For Business Model Ideas

Flippa is a website where people go to buy and sell blogs, websites, and Internet businesses. Spend some time looking at some of these Internet properties and you’ll be amazed at all of the possibilities. Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting that you buy one of these businesses, just that you study them to get some business ideas of your own.

You’ll notice when you’re looking through these properties that the sellers give you a lot of details in the auction description, especially if they’re asking for a lot of money. In some cases, they’ll tell you everything from how they came up with the idea to how they set up the site, to what they’re promoting, their conversion rates and how they funneling their traffic.

A lot of these sites come with their own forum, or their own ebooks or products, or their own affiliate programs. They might have a blog attached to an e-store attached to a website. The possibilities are endless and trends change from week to week, so check Flippa whenever you’re looking for new business ideas.

Visit Fiverr For Some Really Off-The-Wall Ideas

A have a writer friend who spent about six months playing around with Fiverr, just to see what kind of business ideas she could come up with. If you’re looking for small-ish ideas, just to give your business a little edge over your competition, then you’ll learn a lot from this site. And believe it or not, there are some businesses making that six-figure income on Fiverr – without their own website.

Spend time reading some of the gigs to see how they’re set up, and visit the new Fiverr forum to network with other online business owners. There’s also a LinkedIn group for Fiverr sellers where you can get lots of advice about building your business.

Visit Forums

I’ve picked up some of my best business ideas in forums, but not those Internet Marketing forums. I’m talking about the online programs I use that have a forum for member support. For example, I learned a lot about a few different Squidoo business models just by chatting with members in their forum.

Reach Out To Other Bloggers

It sounds like such a chore to “reach out to other bloggers” but it’s really just a simple as saying, “Hey! I saw your blog. That’s pretty cool. How’d you do that?” Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with other bloggers you meet on Twitter or Facebook or when you trip over their blog. Most bloggers are happy to share tips and advice and who knows – soon they’re going to be asking you for business ideas.


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