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Every now and then Google puts through one of their major updates and within hours webmasters around the world are crying out in agony.

For whatever reason their site has disappeared from the search engines.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, that doesn’t guarantee your safety.

Live in fear, grasshopper, live in fear!

The larger your blogging business gets the more anxiety you’re going to feel every time one of the search engines makes a significant change.

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A-list bloggers with spotless reputations have been known to see an overnight 70 percent decrease in traffic.

So the idea of disappearing from the search engines isn’t just a nightmare that eventually passes with the coming of dawn, it’s a very real possibility.

How To Alleviate Your Fear

You could just pull the covers over your head or carry around your favorite teddy, but neither of those solutions makes very good business sense.

And after all, that’s what we’re here to talk about – protecting your business.

Ask any successful business owner how to protect yourself from an Apocalyptic event and he’ll give you a one-word answer:


In other words, you must have multiple streams of income.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

When you do, that’s a sure sign the handle on your basket is about to snap.

But how do you diversify when you’re blogging?

Build multiple blogs in a variety of niches: Niches can come and go, too.

Products go in and out of popularity, advertisers go in and out of business.

It’s not enough to simply build more blogs and work on their SEO.

You need to reach into other markets, too, so if one niche drops in popularity you’ll have another niche to take its place.

Start creating your own products: It’s never too early to start creating your own products and it’s another income stream.

If you also set up an affiliate program and let other bloggers promote your product, those other bloggers will be creating more income streams for you.

Look for non-blogging income streams: Start a consulting business, teach other people how to blog, promote your own freelance blogging service.

There have been bloggers who’ve lost dozens of blogs in one shot.

Protect your income by looking for blogging positions where you’ll be paid to write for blogs that belong to someone else.

Believe it or not, the really successful bloggers use a combination of all of these ideas to build up a huge web of multiple streams of income.

They don’t just build another blog, they build dozens.

And while they’re at it they create dozens of their own products and set up their own affiliate programs.

On top of that, they write for other blogs and websites, and do consulting work on the side.

You’ll never get over your fear that your blog might disappear from the search engines.

But you can minimize the impact if you look at your blog as only one small part of your online business and start developing multiple streams of income.

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