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It seems like every company and every website out there has a page on social media doesn’t it?

The problem is, with so many companies and websites now using social media, it can be hard for users to distinguish them from each other – or even remember to check back periodically.

One of the best ways in which you as a website owner can catch the attention of users is to employ a high quality, chic design across your social media presence.

What design goes where?

As you’re probably aware, different social media websites allow users to customize them in different areas.

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On Facebook and Google Plus for example there’s the option to upload a profile picture, as well as a banner on the profile.

On Twitter there’s the opportunity for you to upload a profile picture and a custom background.

It’s totally up to you what you put where, but the majority of businesses and website owners tend to use a logo or a variation of the logo for the profile picture, then some other kind of related image as the banner.

If you’re all out of ideas for what to put where, why not hire a professional to complete your social media design work instead?

Don’t do a bad job for the sake of it

If you’re not blessed with amazing design skills it doesn’t make sense to do a bad job of the design of your social media pages.

Instead you should hire a firm that can do things properly for you, ensuring that your social media profiles look as chic and professional as possible.

If you’d like to try your own design then feel free to do so – but make sure you get a second opinion once you’ve finished the job.

Remember a poorly designed social media page will put users off, just like a well designed social media page will bring users in.

Social media is just one method in which website owners can bring in traffic to their website.

Whilst SEO is often unpredictable and updates can wipe out rankings overnight, paid clicks are prohibitively expensive for many business and website owners.

Social media platforms are relatively cheap to market through in comparison – the only problem is that you have to dedicate a lot of time and patience to a social media campaign in order to build up a substantial following.

You’ll find that marketing products on social media without any friends or followers is a very tough task.

Getting friends and follows on social media is the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome, but it is a task that’s made easier by the snowball effect.

As soon as you get a few followers on board you can then ask them to share links with their friends and followers in the hope that they’ll like or follow your social media page too.

Remember a social media marketing campaign is never completed because you always need to look for opportunities to interact more and bring more followers on board.

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