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There are few traffic generation methods out there that can be truly classed as instant.

Google’s AdWords program however fits in that bracket just nicely.

Of course there are several other options when it comes to pay per click (PPC) programs, but Google’s AdWords is definitely the biggest, and probably the best.

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deeplink adwords maximum roi

The thing with PPC programs in general however is that whilst they do offer instant traffic, they’re also an accident waiting to happen, especially if you set one up and you’ve no experience with dabbling in PPC before. Very quickly budgets can get out of control, cost per click (CPC) can get out of control, and before you know it you’re landed with an AdWords bill for thousands of dollars. It sounds dramatic and unlikely, but it does happen.

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Google have their own certification for AdWords to show that you know what you’re doing. Whilst it’s always advisable to do the training yourself if you’re going to use AdWords, most people simply won’t have the time. All is not lost however, because you can still do some very basic things that will really help to boost your return on investment (ROI) with AdWords.

One thing that you might not know about internet users is that the vast majority of them are a very lazy bunch. It might sound harsh, but it’s true. With that in mind it’s imperative that you “deeplink” every single AdWords ad or campaign that you ever run, if you’re committed to getting the very best ROI.

What is deeplinking?

Deeplinking is simple – it means that when people click on your ad they’re taken to a specific page, not just your home page. The amount of people who set up an AdWords campaign that points to their home page is unreal. If you’re running adverts for a certain type of supplement for example, and you run a web store that stocks thousands of different supplements, you can’t honestly expect your visitors to click through to your site, then spend their time hunting down the product they want to buy. If you’re advertising a specific supplement that you stock, make sure you link the advert DIRECTLY to the product page, so the user can make an instant decision on whether or not to buy it.

This means that instead of just having one or two ad copies for thousands of keywords, you’re going to need to make a new ad for each and every keyword group that you’re targeting. It sounds like hard work and it is, but the fact is that if you want your AdWords budget to go much, much further, you cannot afford to run the same ad copy for hundreds of keywords – directing all users to your home page.

So, next time you set up an AdWords campaign to promote a product or page on your site, don’t throw money down the drain by directing users to your home page – make sure they’re taken straight to the page or product they want to see, as soon as they click through!

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