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For any advertising team to launch a successful and productive campaign in the 21st Century, they must learn to take advantage of consumer data. Also, good consumer data and effective use of that data enhances the analytic and reporting precision of any organization.

However, a lot of advertising teams are confused by the intricacies that surround the technology of data enablement. Today, marketers require more than the typical marketing database. They also need to learn to take advantage of other platforms in data advertising to enhance accurate data requirements management.

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In this post, we will take a quick look at the concept behind data marketing platforms.

The Concept of Data Marketing Platforms

Below are a few data marketing platforms that advertising teams can take advantage of to enhance effective and productive campaigns:

Marketing Database

This platform is considered by many experts to be the most advanced. It was created several decades before other platforms came on the scene. Hence, several established brands from various sectors have relied on it to drive email campaigns and traditional mail marketing. Analysis and reporting the view of customers is a concept that huge direct advertising teams place value on.

Today’s advertising teams see the marketing database as a historical platform that has become obsolete. The availability of more recent technologies is crucial to enhancing the efficacy of a complete advertising strategy. However, these technologies cannot replace the significance of single-sourced data. There are important features that are only available in the marketing database.

These functions are data hygiene, real-time engagement assistance, managing IDs offline, and large data analytics. To learn more, navigate to these guys.

Data Management Platform

Otherwise referred to as DMPs, the data management platform plays a significant role in owned and paid media cookie audience management. Consumer-to-consumer impressions become easily accessible to organizations that collate mobile, websites, and display cookie data in real-time. They also give advertising teams relevant and customizable experiences. Your team can also access 2nd and 3rd party data via this platform.

The most pleasing value of DMP is the opportunity it gives to companies to personalize consumers’ website experiences through this audience data. However, the only limitation to relying on this platform is that users will not have access to PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Consumer Data Platform

This platform is also referred to as CDP. It is the most recent platform among the trio. As a result, CDP offers several overlapping features from the other platforms. Some marketers think that it only creates an impression of the overlap. This is one of the most common reasons some advertising teams find this platform confusing.

Several features of CDPs may seem the same as those on other platforms but are often different in their functions. This makes many people think that CDP is a very complex technology. Managing your PII audience in real-time is one of the features that gives CDPs an edge over other platforms. Another feature that makes CDPs stand out is access to identity resolution. The best part is that this data can be accessed in real-time.

In conclusion, advertising teams need to understand the concepts of these platforms and take advantage of them to enhance sales campaign productivity and success.


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