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A few days ago, I talked about the risk of information overload that people who are getting started into Internet Marketing can be facing due to the huge number of information sources available to them. A problem which is partly induced by this, is the difficulty to keep on a proper financial track.


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There is a big chance that Dukeo is not the only blog about Internet Marketing that you are reading on a regular basis. You may also have noticed that a good number of sites are offering you the opportunity to subscribe to their Email Newsletter.

I’ll take the same example as in my post about information overload: you read 20 blogs about Making Money Online daily. Of these 20, you subscribed to 10 email newsletters. For each email newsletter, you receive a new email every 2 days. So you average 5 emails per day, which could be translated to 35 emails weekly. Out of these 35 emails, 30 are (not so) disguised sales speech. Some products are duplicates, so I’ll take this number down to 25 new products per week. I hope you followed me this far.

Now, I’ll assume that bloggers out there are good sellers, so you are really tempted to buy 2 new products each week. Now let me ask you a simple question: apart from the sales pitch, do you REALLY need these products?

I could also ask you: Do you really need to have two (or more) shared hosting accounts? Do you really need to buy these extra 10 domain names that you could be using in 1 year for this great project you have no time to build right now? Do you really need to subscribe to this extra subscription exclusive/private website/community about ppc/ppv/media buying?

Don’t get lured by people who are running their own agenda, expecially if you are just starting your online journey! You will see plenty of “great” opportunities, but focus on what is truly essential to your success and cut your expenses down to the minimum needed!

When I first started online, I bought a massive number of “methods”, I subscribed to plenty of paying websites, I paid for tools. I saw potential within all of them, but then I realized that I didn’t need most of them. I was just being marketed by others, they were skillfully presenting my wants as needs.

The day I realized this simple thing was life-changing. I started focusing on what was really working for me, and I started to expand on these particular methods, and this is exactly how I started to make bank.


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  1. John Rampton

    I sweat I get more like 50 emails per day for “make money online” people and the majority of them are just crap. I’d say I only get 3-5 good emails with cool posts!

    1. Steven

      It can be really time and money consuming when you are just starting…

  2. Jeffrey Kang

    I’ve read lots of posts from very well known bloggers as well as not very well known ones, although all multi-millionaires. I’ve signed up to many of the promoter gurus too, but I haven’t unsubscribed to many of them because I realized a long time ago that just because I’ll never buy from them ever again, there still are things I can learn from them without spending anything.

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