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Now that I’m a jaded, experienced blogger I rarely see a landing page I can’t resist. Oh, back in the day, before I knew how landing pages worked, I was an easy mark.

Now that I know a bit more about them I can see that I must have been a real sucker. Most Internet buyers today aren’t that naïve. Here’s how to create a landing page that sells products to today’s jaded buyers – like me!

split testing increase landing page conversion rates

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Focus On One Key Feature At A Time

Most products are not unique, for example there are hundreds of different cell phones and they all have the same basic functions. Each one, however, has something a little different that makes it stand out from the others.

It might be the size, or the price or the long-life battery but that one key feature is what makes that product interesting and valuable to certain segments of the market.

Acknowledge The Need And Offer A Solution

Each cell phone has a different price but people don’t typically look at price first when they’re shopping. They’ll keep it in the back of the mind, but price is irrelevant if the product doesn’t fill their needs or wants.

If they’re looking for a phone with a camera you could show them the cheapest phone or the most feature-laden phone on the market but if it doesn’t take pictures they’re not going to be interested.

Your headline acknowledges that you understand the needs of the buyer: The Only Cellphone That Allows You To Take Pictures – Get Rid Of That Bulky Camera Case Forever!

Eliminate The Buying Obstacles

The job of any landing page is to eliminate all obstacles between the buyer and the call to action. In this example, you want the buyer to choose to click that button and buy that camera now. So now you need to answer all of his questions and show him the benefits of this wise decision.

You’ve already answered his main concern – you’ve offered a cell phone with a camera and now he can ditch the camera bag. But he’s going to have other questions. And until you answer them, he can still say, “Yes, but this phone over here is less expensive and it has this special feature which I also really like.

This is where you bring in all the other features of the phone, focusing more attention on its unique features, if there are any, and showing how each feature is beneficial.

By focusing first on the primary unique selling feature of this phone price becomes less of an issue. Add in the other unique features and price becomes even less important because the buyer is no longer comparing apples to apples. “This is a truly remarkable cellphone. Look at all of these features and look at all the problems this will solve!

Address Safety And Privacy Issues

One of the biggest obstacles you need to eliminate is fear. The Internet is chock full of questionable landing pages so the first thing you need to do is use a professional design, not one of those free, decades-old html pages you pick up in Internet Marketing forums.

Create a landing page that makes your visitor feel like he’s dealing with a professional business person and not just some no-name blogger.

Next, be sure to prominently display a 100% no-questions asked money back guarantee along with a statement assuring the buyer’s information will be kept private and not be re-sold or shared. This is the last obstacle your buyer will face so this information should be directly above your Buy button.

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    1. Steven

      I don’t think it comes included in any blogging platform. This is usually something that you have to implement on your own. I see a growing interest for split-testing solutions so I might write an extensive guide about it for bloggers.

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