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It’s one thing to use an attention-grabbing title to bring readers to your post but it’s quite another to keep them there and get them to read it.

The next step in persuasive blogging it so pique your reader’s interest.

If the reader isn’t interested in what you have to say he isn’t going to read beyond your attention-grabbing title and your first paragraph. And if he doesn’t read beyond your first paragraph you’re never have a chance to persuade him to take any action.

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How To Generate Interest

State the problem – State the problem or question you’re going to address in the first paragraph. Most online readers will scan that opening paragraph to see if you post is going to interest them. If they don’t see something interesting in the first paragraph they’ll stop reading.

Now, that’s not a bad thing. Every post on your blog isn’t going to be interesting to every reader, every day. Many bloggers won’t provide this information in the opening paragraph because they think they can force the visitor to keep reading to the end of the post. But here’s what happens…

  1. You can’t force a reader to do anything, you have to persuade him.
  2. He won’t be persuaded if he’s not interested.
  3. If he does read all the way to the end and still isn’t interested, you’ve provided nothing of value you’ve just wasted his time.

WIIFM – The quickest way to pique interest is to tell the reader What’s In It For Me. Tell your reader in your first paragraph how he’ll benefit from reading your post.

Again, many bloggers are reluctant to reveal this information in the opening paragraph because they’re afraid the reader will learn everything he needs to know and skip reading the rest of the post.

Look at your own personal experience. If someone tells you they understand the problem and here’s the solution in a nutshell, you’re tempted to read on to find out how they arrived at that conclusion and get all the details so you can achieve the same results.

For example, let’s say you’re having trouble with your golf game. If someone says in their opening paragraph, “Yes, I had the same problem with my golf game. Read on and I’ll tell you how I fixed it.” You might be tempted to read on – if you have time and nothing better to do. But you’ve fallen for this trap before. It’s probably just some blogger who wants to sell you a putter you can’t afford.

But, if they say, “Yes, I had the same problem with my golf game and I fixed it with one little tweak to my stance” then you know right away there’s a real, simple, affordable solution coming up and you’re interested in learning more.

Make it personal – It’s much easier to persuade someone to do something if you make it personal. Use story-telling to let the reader know you’ve been in their shoes and you’re speaking from personal experience. Story-telling also makes it easier for the reader to visualize himself in the situation. It makes your content more relevant.

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  1. Jd Brewer

    Good advice – I will have to make use of it for my blog. I could definitely use some more readers! But couldn’t we all? I feel like I’m good at story-telling and building a narrative, but I haven’t really thought to use that in my blogging to reel people in. Thanks, Steven.

  2. Rachel Moore

    Thanks for this!
    We’re always trying to improve our blog articles, and your point about WIFM gets to the guts of content marketing (what everyone and their brother is trying to achieve now).
    We’ve also been trying to employ infographics so at least, even if they only read the title, their eye gets drawn downward to a helpful image that encapsulates the blog’s content… then they might read deeper into the WIFM.

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