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A few days ago, I was browsing one of the biggest french website in the internet/high-tech niche ( and I bumped onto an article written by a guest blogger named Yvan Grunitzky, titled: “Devriez-vous faire de la publicitĂ© sur Facebook, LinkedIn ou Twitter ?”. Don’t feel forced to read the article, I am linking to the article just to ping it. This title can be literally translated to “Should You Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?” and is a blatant copy of an article published on Social Media Examiner.

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yvan grunitzky copycat A “Big” French Player

The french blog Presse-citron became “famous” after being sued for slander by a french journalist. Well, that’s not really the matter, but it is a way to put it into perspective. If you check Alexa rankings for this blog, you’ll see that he ranks 12,474 worldwide (not so bad as it is written exclusively in French) and 385 in France (he is really a major player in France).

Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

As Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is a subject that is right into my niche, I went ahead and read the article. The more I read it, the more I was feeling like I did already read that not so long ago somewhere else. As I was unable to remember where I could have seen it, I moved on.

Today, I was making some research and I stumbled upon an article on a blog I read on a regular basis: Social Media Examiner. If you are not following this blog already, you are missing something big. To my surprise, the article on Social Media Examiner is titled: “Should You Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?”… Wtf?!

After comparing both articles, I had to come to the conclusion that there was a copycat at work. The only work was the translation… He even followed the exact same paragraph structure.

Yvan Grunitzky Copycat Work Exposed

Apparently, the article was posted by a guest blogger named Yvan Grunitzky. He was probably thinking that no-one would find out his copy-work as it was a one month old blog post in another language… Too bad for him, there are some people who can actually read both English and French.

I don’t think a blog as big as Presse Citron or his owner Eric Dupin can run into any trouble because of this article. He would probably argue that he had no idea about the copycat issue and he might just remove the post from his website. But what about the guest blogger?

Yvan Grunitzky launched his personal blog not so long ago and he clearly benefited from the extra exposure gained through Presse Citron. In term of Online Reputation, this could have dramatic consequences for a young blogger/entrepreneur such as Yvan Grunitzky.


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  1. Yvan

    Well I made no mistery about the use of Social Media Examiner as source, many of my readers are also SME readers. I found the topic interesting and valuable to share with people more at their ease with french content. May be my willingness to share interesting informations have been misunderstood.

    1. Steven

      There is a huge gap between using another blog as a source of inspiration for an article and blatantly copying an article without citing the source and taking credit for someone else’s work. Apparently, you crossed the line.

    2. Yvan G.

      Yes indeed It has been an important point I neglected, and It s gonna be corrected shortly

    3. Steven

      How a complete copy almost word by word can be a “neglected point” is something I simply can’t understand…

    4. Earl Grey

      Vous ĂȘtes un mauvais homme pour la copie

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