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I’m not making enough money. I need to get more traffic.” It’s a common lament among bloggers but have you ever heard the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder”? It takes a lot of work to bring in more traffic, but it might only take a tweak or two to increase your conversion rate. What am I talking about? Sit back, relax, and read on.

More Traffic vs. More Conversions

Your traffic numbers and your conversion rate are two different things. Traffic is the number of people who visit your blog and conversions are the number of actions they complete. So if 100 people visit your blog and only one person clicks the Buy Button then you have a pretty dismal 1% conversion rate.

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It seems like it would make sense, though: If you can get more people to look at your sales page, more people will click your Buy Button. And in a way, it works. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

But if 200 people visit your blog and only two of them buy, then you still have… a pretty dismal 1% conversion rate. If 1,000 people visit and 10 of the buy, you still have… a pretty dismal 1% conversion rate. Get the picture?

You need to improve your conversion rate – not your traffic. If you could improve your conversion rate to 10%, you’d have 10 purchases for every 100 visitors. And it’s easier to do than you think.

How Do You Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Target Your Audience: Monitor your stats, do your keyword research, and engage with your audience in forums and social networks to find out what they’re really looking for. What problems do they have? It could be that your sales page just doesn’t address the right issues.

Eliminate Obstacles: Your sales page should take your reader through a crystal clear progression that starts with stating the problem and ends with your remarkable solution. The goal of any sales page is to eliminate all the buying obstacles. To do that, you need to answer all the questions the reader might possibly ask. And make sure there are no other links on the page to distract him before he gets to your Buy button.

Use A Strong Call To Action: Are you telling your reader to Buy It Now or are you just hoping he’ll get the message? Don’t use phrases like, “If you’d like to try this product…” Be strong and firm – Solve All Your Problems! Click Here To Buy It Now!

Use A/B Split Testing: You just think you have a good conversion rate but unless every single person that visits your blog buys something you still have room for improvement. Use A/B split testing for conversion optimization. Create a second sales page and change just one element – the color of your button or the wording of your headline or the font for your bullet points. Then, send traffic to both pages to see which converts better. When you find it, keep it, change one thing again and keep doing split tests until you hit 100 percent.


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