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There’s a big difference between publishing a post every day just so you can say you published something, and publishing a fresh, unique post that resonates with your readers. One you can do with your eyes closed, all day long, just by rehashing the same old stuff found all over the Web. The other takes a little more work sprinkled with a hefty dose of creativity. Which would your readers prefer?

Lack of creativity is one of the biggest causes of Blogger’s Block, that state where you can’t think of anything to blog about so you just sit there, staring at your monitor. Everything that comes to mind has already been done ad nauseum and you can’t come up with a new idea to save your soul.

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Here are three characteristics creative people share that help them produce engaging content. Adopt them and your content will be consistently engaging, too.

Be Open To Connections

Creative people are more open-minded. That’s to say, they’re more able to see connections more easily than most. To make your content unique you need to be able to take the same basic information every other blog is posting and make it relevant for your readers. But that content doesn’t always have to come from a competing blog in your niche. It doesn’t even have to be relevant to your niche.

For example, here at Dukeo you’ll find several posts on celebrities in my “Learn Internet Marketing From…” series. None of these celebrities are actually involved in Internet Marketing but they all use marketing and audience engagement techniques that would be applicable on your blog. Would you normally connect the Black Eyed Peas with Internet Marketing? No. But if you’re open-minded and looking for connections so you can create unique content, you might.

Be Positive

While researching the link between creativity and mental illness, Charlotte Waddell, MSc, MD, CCFP, FRCPC, found that more than 75 percent of the creative people in her group responded better to positivity and humor than those who were exposed to negativity. The idea that a creative person must be steeped in doom, gloom and angst in order to create is about as far from the truth as you can get.

If you’re not excited about your topic, if you are, in fact, struggling because you chose the wrong topic, then this is why you have problems being creative consistently. You’re generally in a negative mood which makes it difficult to be creative.

Be Less Focused

It’s true that laser focus is necessary when you’re trying to achieve a goal or accomplish a task. But “focus” implies a direct connection between you and something specific, like zeroing in on a target. When you’re focused, you zero in on one solution.

As stated earlier, creating unique content often requires that you need to first make the connection between your reader and the content. In some cases that connection is easy to see. But in most, it’s like those weird optical illusion posters where you have to allow your eyes to un-focus before you can see the big picture.

Creative people have the ability to lessen their focus and open their mind to let in numerous possibilities and create numerous connections. In other words, they’re good at brainstorming.

It sounds like one of those sappy motivational posters, but if you want to get creative about your content consistently, you just need to put a smile on your face, stop and smell the roses, and imagine the possibilities.

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  1. Mohammad Waqar

    I am not able to understand about using post that are not part of your niche , I think it will certainly distract readers and you would be getting nowhere. For my advice is just stick to your niche and be creative inside that not out side.

    1. Steven

      Mohammad I don’t understand what you mean… I didn’t say that you should post about completely unrelated topics on your blog.

      In my opinion, a key to creating something original is being able to see and develop connections that other people would not think of.

  2. J. Rose Allister

    “Stick to your niche” is advice everyone gives, but it doesn’t allow for growing an audience outside your small arena. Be brave enough to reach beyond and you might touch someone who wouldn’t have found you otherwise.

    1. Steven

      J. Rose, I think people are missing the point with the “stick to your niche” advice.

      On a basic level, yes, you should stick to your niche, or else you’re going to confuse your readers.

      However, you can check what’s happening outside of your niche and find a connection to make it relevant to your readers. Then provide them with your unique point of view.

  3. Breana Cross Hall

    I especially love your advice: “Be Open to Connections”. That is where the brilliance is! When we can take collective knowledge and wisdom and reframe it or tie it in to another topic, a brand new universe of possibility can open up in our minds. Thanks for this!

    1. Steven

      Breana you get it completely right! It’s all about being able to reframe things to make them relevant to your audience.

      Nobody forces you to churn out the same old posts as everyone else…

      Take these ideas and add your own personal twist. This is how you’ll stand out from the crowd!

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