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So you are either speaking at or attending a conference. This means you must spend some time getting prepared and ensuring that you have everything ready. One of the things you may be concerned with is what you should carry with you. While some of it may vary depending on whether you are a guest or speaker, the majority of what you should have on you will be the same for both.

things in your pocket at a conference

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  1. Pen: You do not want to go to write something down and have no pen available. Making notes of material shared and/or people met is important. Make sure that you have a reliable pen in your pocket.
  2. Extra pens: Someone will inevitably forget their pen. One of the best ways to introduce yourself and become friendly with others is to have spare pens that you can offer to them.
  3. Notepad: On the same token as the pen, you need a small place to jot notes, contact information or other details you do not want to forget.
  4. Business cards: No place is better for networking than a conference. Take plenty of business cards to hand out to others who are there. They will appreciate it and will likely use them
  5. Business card holder: You will also be on the receiving end of some cards. Make sure that you have something to hold the ones you will collect.
  6. Itinerary: If the conference has many events scheduled then you will want a list of what all is going on. This will allow you to know where you need to be and when.
  7. Tickets for ‘extras’: Did you pay for lunch? Is there a seminar you need a ticket for? Keep those tickets with you because that may be your only way in. If you paid online, make sure you have hard copies of the receipts.
  8. Marker: You may need to make notes, especially if you are the speaker. Having a marker prevents a situation where one is not available.
  9. Pointer: If you plan to do slides or even board writing then having a pointer will make it much simpler on your attendees.
  10. Speech: If you are the speaker then this is vital. You do not want to forget what you had planned to say. Small note cards are ideal for holding the speech.
  11. Breath mints: You are going to be meeting a lot of people. It is always best if your breath smells minty fresh.
  12. Planner or datebook: It is very possible that you will need to schedule some things while you are there. Having your planner or datebook handy makes it convenient.
  13. Important numbers: If you need to reach someone you want to have the contact info available. Keep this close by at all times.
  14. Brochures: Are you selling products? If so, have some brochures handy that will detail what you have available. You never know when you might run across an interested party.
  15. Business plan and information: If you are hoping to meet potential investors then have what they will want to look at within easy reach.
  16. Change/cash: There will likely be refreshments or vending machines. Having cash and change makes it easier to enjoy them.
  17. Wallet: This is simply standard. You should always have your wallet with you in case you were to need anything.
  18. Phone: You never know when an important call might come in or need to be made. Having your phone, turned off, in your pocket during the conference prevents you missing that important chance.
  19. Keys: It stands to reason that you want your keys for when it is time to leave.
  20. Hotel Key: If you are traveling then it is important to keep your room key on you at all times. Otherwise you may have a difficult time getting back into your room.


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  2. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    I guess that the most important things are a phone, a paper for making some notes and a pen, With the help of the phone you’ll be able to record some main thoughts and so on

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