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If you’ve jumped aboard the “Company Blog Train” and now you find yourself struggling to stay on the track, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners understand the benefits of blogging, but “understanding” and “doing” are two different things – especially when you have a business to run. Who has time to “blog” about it when you’re so busy “doing” it? Here are eight fast ways to generate great content for your company blog.

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Create Videos

No matter what business you’re in your followers will always appreciate a video. And they don’t have to be precisely orchestrated Hollywood productions either. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Your readers want to see the “real you” and they don’t have time to watch a 2-hour production.

What would your readers be interested in? Just about everything you do! Give them a quick tour of your office. Introduce them to the receptionist who answers their calls. Let the camera roll while you fill out a tax form, change a tire, write a legal brief, replace a shingle or care for a sick dog.

Interview Your Customers

While you have your video camera handy, interview some of your customers. Don’t worry about scripting or makeup – just start shooting. Why are they visiting you today? Do they have a question? Or perhaps they just want to sing your praises. Whether it’s two minutes, five minutes or ten, your readers will love seeing real customers pop up on your blog.

As a bonus, your customers will get a kick out of seeing themselves in a video – online. And they’ll share it with all of their friends and family.

Let Your Employees Shine

Your readers aren’t doing business with your blog – they’re doing business with you and your associates. Introduce them to everyone in your organization. Let your associates write blog posts. Better yet, keep that camera handy and create videos of them while they work so they can show off their expertise. Be careful, though. If they look too good, someone may try to hire them away from you!

Introduce New Products or Services

What new product or service have you added recently? Or maybe you have a product or service you haven’t even thought about promoting. For example, if you run an auto repair shop, do your customers know that you also do detailing? If you’re a vet, do your clients know that you also take care of hamsters or birds or farm animals?

Use Press Releases

Many companies go to great pains creating professional press releases and getting them out for syndication. But are you releasing that same information to your blog readers? If you have time, re-write it a little for your blog. If not, at the very least you should also publish that press release on your blog.

Answer Common Questions

The next time you’re at a loss for content, just think about the last question one of your customers asked. No matter how trivial it may seem to you, if it was relevant to one customer it will most likely be relevant to others.


Get in the habit of taking before-and-after pictures. If you think about it, this works for any business. If you’re an accountant you can take pictures of your sullen clients when they walk through your door, and take an “after” picture of their smiling faces when they find out how much their refund is.

‘Tis The Season

There’s some kind of holiday every day of the year. is a great site to visit for ideas other than the most obvious like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. What does your business do that’s relevant to a particular holiday or season? For example, if you’re an investment consultant you might offer tips about monetary gift-giving at Christmas time. If you’re a vet, you might offer tips about caring for ducks or chickens during the Easter season.

Generating great content for your company blog doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Your readers aren’t looking for Oscar-winning videos or written content worthy of a Pulitzer prize. The most important thing is to get that information out there and make a connection. And the easiest way to do that is to interact with your readers the same way you interact with the people who walk through your door – just be yourself.

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  1. Ted Rubin

    Great post and an easy guide.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the nice words Ted

  2. Dave Young - Co-founder Of Shortcut Blogging

    I like the holiday idea. I’m going to add it to the thought-starters that we send out to people who have completed our free 52-week outline exercise. The exercise only takes 37 minutes, but we’re always adding to our library of helpful ways to expand the basic outline.

    1. Steven

      Nothing beats a good ol’ shameless self-plug! Well done Dave.

  3. Stuart Paterson

    Thanks Steven for those straightforward ideas for creating content

    Generating ideas is something loads of people find really tricky – that’s before they even start creating content!

    1. Steven

      Stuart, once you have some systems in place, getting ideas is really easy. It’s all about following a given process.

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