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You have probably read a lot of times that all you need to start a business online is a domain, hosting, and a little motivation. Well, I have bad news for you. You are never going to create a successful online business this way.

This is probably one of the most terrible lie that has been around since the very beginning of online marketing. How many times did you read sentences like: “All you need is an idea and some free time”, “Everyone can become successful on the internet”? These are just generic sentences to make everyone believe they can become online billionaires overnight with just 3 hours of work.

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One VERY important idea that is usually skipped by online marketers is the importance of financial commitment. Let me explain this to you.

Easy in, Easy out: the biggest problem with online marketing.

Let’s assume you buy a domain for about $10/year, and an hosting for $7/month. That’s $17 you just put on the table.
After that, you do a WordPress install (free), pick wisely some WordPress Plugins (free), pick a nice WordPress Theme (free), then you make your first post about whatever subject you are interested in.

So, you just spent $17 and a rainy Sunday afternoon setting up things. Wow, impressive: with only $17 you can create your business online, now you try to implement a few techniques pushed by the so-called gurus to bring some traffic to your site.

Then, you write maybe one post every day… for 3 days… then one post every 2 days… then one post every week… But there is not much traffic coming to your website, so you are starting to feel discouraged. It’s not as easy as it seemed.

And you eventually end up dropping the idea of developing your own website. After all, that’s no big deal, you only spent $17 and a few hours!

My theory is this one: The bigger the commitment, the bigger the Success.

Take a look at the money you saved for years working your ass off a 9 to 5 job. You should take all this money and invest everything in your marketing effort. I mean it. You should invest all of it on your will to succeed. Every single dollar!

Now that you are willing to sweep your bank account in order to become successful online, do you think you are going to drop your online success dream that easily? You have no choice but to succeed or else you’ll be a failure and poor. See my point?

If you don’t believe in your success, no one will. If you are not willing to risk everything, you will fail! There is no “easy in, easy out”. If you are not willing to invest everything you have in your marketing effort, help yourself and save the $17 you were going to spend on your domain and hosting, because you will fail anyway.

For those of you who are still here, do you want to become successful on the internet? Do you want to make a comfortable living online? Are you willing to risk everything to achieve this goal?

Then, welcome aboard!


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  1. Jon

    It seems like a lot of us internet marketers are writing about the topic of commitment and hard work lately. You are absolutely right that if you are not willing to risk everything and be totally committed you are just wasting your time. I have seen a direct correlation between when I am working my tail off and how that translates to success or at least some movement in that direction. So let’s get to work everybody.

    1. Steven

      There is no better motivation than risking losing your shirt!

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