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Comments Clean Up: Delete Comments on Your Blog

Right now, if you only have two or three comments on your blog, you’re probably thinking there’s no need to worry about what shows up down there under your post. It’s just a couple of your friends giving you a high five and dropping a link. But eventually, comments are going to come pouring in, on a regular basis. So many comments, in fact, you’re bound to miss reading a few. But here’s why it’s important to pay attention to comments and why you need to keep them cleaned up.

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Why Are Comments So Important?

Comments make your blog look popular and exciting. They’re also a type of social proof. When a new visitor comes to your blog and sees all those comments they immediately sense that they’ve landed on an interesting blog. These days, it’s not so easy to get out and socialize because we’re all so busy with work and other commitments so to see all those people gathered in one place, all sharing the same interest, makes your blog look warm and inviting.

That fun conversation is also inviting. Everybody wants to join in, and once they do, they’ll keep coming back to your blog to see if anyone’s responded. So comments make your blog look exciting, comments encourage interaction, and comments also bring repeat visitors to your blog, over and over again.

Why Should You Clean Up Your Comments?

Now that we see how beneficial those comments are, why is it important to keep them cleaned up?

Think of your blog as your home or shop, and all of your visitors are your guests. When you invite people into you home you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. If you have a lot of guests you want them to feel free to mingle and make new friends. In fact, that’s often the reason people have large “mixers” – so they can introduce new friends to all their existing friends.

But people at your party are only going to mix and mingle if they feel comfortable. If they’re too scared to speak they’re just going to stand in a corner for a minute then turn around and leave. The same thing happens on your blog.

Unfortunately, even with the best filtering programs, scammers, flamers and trolls are going to get through and access your comments. They’ll say horrible things to upset you and the other commentors because they’re bullies and that’s how they get their kicks.

Some of your readers have learned to overlook this behavior and won’t give it a second thought. But for a lot of your visitors, especially if this is their first time on your blog, those nasty trolls can be intimidating. No one wants to intentionally expose themselves to harassment and these people will leave your blog, without leaving a comment, and probably never return.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Be a good host or hostess and clean up comments on your blog so your new visitors feel safe stepping in to introduce themselves to your regular readers.


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  1. Carolyn

    So true. I encourage opposing points of view at my site, but they have to be respectful. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me or other commenters, but I won’t tolerate mean or degrading comments.

    The comments also have to add value. Comments such as “nice post” often come from spammers so I don’t approve them. If I visit a blog that has a bunch of “nice post” comments without anything else then I don’t feel as if there is a real conversation going.

    1. Steven

      As long as it feeds the discussion, every comment is good, but it has to be done in respect of everyone.

      Regarding the “nice post” comments, I usually remove the author link but still publish the comment. I find it good for ego ;)

  2. Ben

    Hi Steven,

    I often see spam on big blogs. Sometimes those blogs don’t have a lot of other comments on the articles, despite being big sites -so the spam really stands out. I totally understand that a large site takes time and effort to run, but it looks really bad for spam to just be sitting there.

    As for approving “nice post” comments but removing the link, if your blog settings allow previously approved commenters to have their comments bypass moderation and show up on your blog instantly, be careful. They could create a lot of work for you. I don’t approve comments like that, and will blacklist any repeat offenders who keep posting questionable links in the URL field.

    1. Steven

      Ben, I never allow previous commenters to have their comments auto-approved. First of all, it allows me to keep my blog clean, and secondly, it makes sure I don’t get lazy and I keep replying to every comment that needs a reply.

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