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One of the best ways to attract more traffic to your blog is to actually have traffic in the first place. Lots of active, vocal traffic. When new visitors arrive on your blog and see conversations being carried on in your comments section they know they’ve arrived at an interesting, welcoming blog. If you’re having trouble getting your blog off the ground you should think about joining a commenting tribe.

drive traffic to blog through commenting tribe

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A commenting tribe is a group of bloggers who get together and leave comments on each other’s blogs. When done properly, and in an orderly fashion, everyone benefits. Each blog ends up with a good amount of comment activity and that opens the doors for more traffic.

Having comments on your blog is important for two reasons: First, it makes your blog look active and exciting. New visitors are curious to see what’s causing all the commotion so they stick around and read your content. And nobody likes to be the first person to comment so those comments left by your tribe help break the ice for the newcomers.

The second reason comments are so important is because the people who leave comments usually come back to see if anyone responded. So an active comments section encourages conversation, which equals repeat traffic, the best kind of traffic. The kind of traffic that eventually converts.

There are 3 basic types of comment tribes. The first is called a traffic exchange and you can find several when you search the web. Members visit each other’s sites and usually accumulate points based on the number of visits and the time spent on the site. Points can then be exchanged for advertising. These programs usually involve some type of monthly fee. Some of these exchanges may promise you thousands of visitors a month but don’t let that sway you. It will be completed untargeted traffic, on your page just long enough to qualify for points. Use this type of tribe as a last resort.

How To Organize A Comment Tribe

Your second option is to join a Facebook tribe. Usually someone will start a Facebook fan page and allow people to post links to their pages, under the premise that everyone who posts a link will visit everyone else’s page and leave a comment. This usually works for a day or two and then it turns into a self-promotion marathon with everyone trying to get people to visit their own page.

Your best option is to create your own tribe by setting up a private, organized Facebook Group. Put together a group of 15 or 20 bloggers and put together a system that everyone agrees to follow. The easiest way to organize it is to set up comment campaigns. Instead of everyone just posting links willy-nilly, start a thread for a specific campaign. For example, you might start a thread that says October 17 through October 19. Then, everyone who wants commenters for a blog post on those specific dates can post their link for that campaign only. The understanding is, if you post your link on that campaign, you must visit all the other blogs who posted and comment on their blogs, too.

Who Should Join Your Comment Tribe?

Anyone can join your tribe, as long as they understand they’re required to leave intelligent comments, comments that add something to the conversation and make your blog attractive to newcomers. A simple ‘Great post!’ won’t work. You want comments that will engage newcomers and encourage them to join in the conversation.

But niche doesn’t matter. You want bloggers who are serious about improving their blogs and their traffic. And you want bloggers who are committed to working as a team. Everyone needs to understand that there may be times when you just don’t feel like commenting on blogs or maybe you don’t have time. But if you expect other people to do it for you, then you have to support the team.

Why Not Just Send Out Tweets or Post Your Link on Facebook?

Getting your links out there in the social sphere is a great way to get some traffic but a lot of that traffic will be first time visitors – the type of visitors who don’t like to be the first people to comment. You definitely want that traffic. And when you drive traffic to a new blog through a commenting tribe there will already be activity on your blog to make those newcomers feel welcome.

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  1. Buysellwordpress

    You know, I don’t understand when bloggers close all comments, because it’s even not very interesting to read posts, without expressing your own opinion and without discussing it

    1. Steven

      Most readers on most blogs do not want to post comments.. They just come by and read the articles.

    2. Melissa

      I also don’t understand this tendency, because by commenting any post you can get many benefits, except getting only new or interesting knowledge

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