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As a blogger, you’ve probably heard that you should be commenting on other blogs. There are a couple of reasons commenting on other blogs is great for growing your own. One reason is that commenting is a way of networking-you can build relationships with other bloggers as well as readers in your niche. It’s also great for building backlinks to your own website for SEO purposes. Last, leaving useful, genuine comments is a great way to establish yourself an expert in your niche.

5 blog commenting best practice tips

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  1. Try to get in early: It’s best to be one of the first commenters to leave feedback on a blog post, since the top comments tend to be viewed the most. Other readers are likely to read through the first few comments, but not very many are going to read every single one, especially on a large blog that gets hundreds of comments on a post. If your comment ends up at the bottom, you still have a backlink, but you miss out on all of the other benefits that come with commenting on other blogs. Since most blog posts are published in the morning, try to do your blog reading then, when you can leave comments that will get the most visibility.
  2. Don’t leave short comments: Blog owners—and readers, for that matter—are not fools. They can tell when you are just leaving a generic, copy and paste comment on their blog—don’t just say “Great post!” Leave a longer, more substantial comment that is actually relevant to the content. Take the opportunity to show your expertise on the subject (if you have it). Doing so will pique the interest of other readers, who will likely click through to check out your own website.
  3. Use your name, not a keyword: While leaving a comment linking back to your website with a keyword instead of a name makes sense SEO-wise, it’s poor etiquette and your comments are likely to be marked as spam. Use your real name, and focus on the benefits that blog commenting brings to your brand, not just SEO.
  4. Read the post you’re commenting on: Many people will just scan a blog post and leave a semi-relevant (at best) comment that doesn’t really help or engage anyone. It’s better to strive for quality, not quantity when it comes to commenting on other blogs. Read the post and leave a genuinely useful, insightful comment that addresses things the blogger might not have mentioned or connections you made that haven’t been pointed out. At no point should you be trying to re-word what someone else has already said-if you, you are going about blog commenting the wrong way.
  5. Discuss the content with other commenters: One of the key benefits of commenting on other blogs in your niche comes from using it as a networking tool. Writing responses to other readers’ comments is an extremely effective way to get a conversation started with other readers, some of which will likely be interested in reading your blog as well or even doing business with you if you offer a service or product. Responding to other comments is also a great way to come up with something to say on a great blog post where the blogger has comprehensively covered everything.

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    Good idea

    1. Steven

      Someone didn’t get the memo about points number 2 and 3 ;)

  2. Dr Kavita Shaikh

    You’re so right Steven. People keep using their keywords instead of their name and also tend to leave links within comments, even though I have comment luv enabled on my blog. That is really irritating and such comments do end up in my spam list.

    Thanks for this wonderful post; I like your style of writing, short and concise blog posts.

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