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Clickbank is an online affiliate hub where vendors and affiliates go to promote and sell various different digital products. From weight loss guides to SEO tools – you can find all kinds of things on Clickbank – and the great thing is that anyone can promote them, all you need is a Clickbank account.

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How do I promote Clickbank products?

The fact is that if you’re planning to promote Clickbank products with a three page “sniper site”, you’re probably not going to do well. This method of promotion may have worked a treat one, two maybe three years ago, it simply doesn’t work that well now. One of the issues that comes with Clickbank is the fact that it’s so saturated. So many people promote each and every product it can often be difficult to get your voice heard, and to have people buy through your affiliate link.

It’s definitely not impossible to start up a fresh site and review some Clickbank products, but it will certainly be very hard. One of the main ways people promote Clickbank products is through high organic rankings in search engines, so SEO competition is pretty stiff.

Review sites aren’t the only way to promote Clickbank products though, you’ve just got to think outside of the box!

Less obvious places to promote Clickbank products

Here are a few of the less obvious places you might want to think about promoting your Clickbank products:

  • Blog comments – check out niche blogs, if you see someone on a tattoo site moaning that they can’t find a decent gallery – send them your affiliate link to one of the tattoo galleries on Clickbank. Not everyone will sign up, but some people might!
  • Article directories – in the past directories like Ezine and Squidoo have been a favourite place for people to post reviews and articles containing affiliate links to Clickbank products. Recently it has become less competitive, but the fact is there’s still money to be made through putting affiliate links in articles and reviews on article directory sites.
  • PPC – promoting Clickbank products with PPC can be pretty tough because some networks like AdWords don’t approve of it. That said, you can always build a nice looking landing page with a review of a Clickbank product on, and of course your affiliate link. Some PPC networks like 7Search on the other hand let you directly link to Clickbank squeeze pages with your affiliate ID.
  • Social media – much like the blog comment idea, do a search on Twitter or Facebook for people talking about tattoos. Mention them in a tweet and give them a link to the squeeze page for a tattoo gallery with your affiliate ID in it. You won’t make a sale every time, but you’ll never know how effective it could be unless you try.

It’s fair to say that there is still a lot of different ways in which money can be made from promoting Clickbank products. Don’t just accept defeat because your review site isn’t bringing in any sales, think outside the box a little.


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  1. Jamie Northrup

    It’s definitely harder now to make money with Clickbank, but you have some good tips for places to promote them.

    1. Steven

      I’m glad you found them useful !

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