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The Facebook pay per click (PPC) advertising network doesn’t operate like competitors such as AdWords or Bing Ads.

It works by advertisers identifying the target demographic then targeting adverts directly at those people – as opposed to keyword based targeting like you find on other PPC networks.

Facebook advertising can be extremely effective just like AdWords and Bing Ads – certainly the better you know your market, the cheaper your Facebook PPC costs are likely to be.

Drilling down into a demographic

It’s hard to give examples of how knowing your demographic can lower your Facebook advertising spend – but here’s one: If you’re running a local nightclub that caters for people who like a specific type of music, you can target your adverts at Facebook users according to their age, sex, location and even their interests.

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That means instead of just targeting any man in the country – or any man over a certain age in a country, you can be very specific with your adverts.

A lot of Facebook advertisers out there have more money than sense. They’re not specific with their advertising in any way, and that means that they pay an awful lot more for their Facebook advertising than is really necessary.

You don’t have to be an expert in order to make big savings on Facebook advertising, but you do need to know an awful lot about the market that you’re targeting.

Identifying your target market

Every business and website out there has a target market.

If you’re running a website that sells extreme sporting gear, your target market is likely to be relatively young men and women with an interest in extreme sports.

If you’re running a website selling beauty products, your target market is likely to be girls ranging from teenagers right up until the age of 30.

Sometimes target markets are obvious and need no technical definition – other times you will need to commission market research so that you know exactly who to target your products act.

The flip side of the coin is that using Facebook ads you can just target random markets then use the data that you collect from conversion tracking to target “more of the same”.

This is a good approach to take but because the cost per click on Facebook can be quite high for some adverts, it can be prohibitive for new businesses.

There can be no doubt that Facebook advertising is extremely effective, but like any other PPC network you have to be willing to put up some money to do a bit of research in order to sound out the market.

Those people who have a very good idea of who makes up their target market will do the best on Facebook advertising – they’re also the people who are likely to spend the least on their campaigns.

Before you go setting up Facebook ads why not take a little time to do some market research and get to know who your target visitors are? A little research could save a lot of money.

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  1. Peter Egan

    Oddly enough, despite hyper-specific targeting of pregnant women between ages 24-30, our ad promoting maternity supports generated tons of clicks but few conversions. Lesson: Buyers arrive via search.

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