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One of the gripes that people have about Facebook is the sheer amount of data that it collects about people.

Those people with such gripes are usually the ones that gave Facebook that data, however.

Don’t let this bother you though, because as an advertiser, Facebook is a great way to get traffic to your website, at very, very cheap prices.

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targeted demographics cheap facebook clicks

How does Facebook advertising work?

Google AdWords and most other PPC networks work based on keywords. So if you do a search for headphones, you’ll be targeted with adverts related to headphones. Of course Facebook is a social media site and not a search engine, so it’s impossible for Facebook to target ads to you based on keywords. Facebook can however target ads at you based on all of the information they know about you; your age, gender, sexual orientation, local, and so forth. This means that just because you can’t target specific keywords with Facebook, it is still a very valuable advertising resource.

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How do I get the best value for money with Facebook ads?

Every website, product and invention out there has a target market. Without a target market, a product simply wouldn’t succeed – and that’s a fact. You can take things like Disney movies, it’s clear that their target market is usually young children. Other products out there like men’s deodorant, as quite obviously aimed at men – so men are the target market. You get the idea, everything you can buy in the shops is aimed at someone. Every website out there on the internet is also aimed at someone.

So, in order to use Facebook ads you need to know exactly who it is that you’re targeting. If you’re running a site that deals with tattoo designs for girls, you might not have your target demographic written down in front of your in black and white, but you will have a pretty good idea of what it is: females, over 18, under 30. That’s your target market right there.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can target this market with just a few clicks. You can choose the sex, age, interests and even location of the people who receive your ad(s).

Be careful when advertising on Facebook

Just like other PPC networks, you can blow a lot of cash and fast on Facebook ads, so be very carefully. The thing about Facebook is that there’s no getting away from the fact you NEED to know who your target market is. If you’re unsure you can always go and stand outside your local mall with a clipboard and ask people if they’re interested in the product or site you’re trying to drive traffic to. You may also want to try using online surveys in order to find out who your target market are.

When you know who you’re aiming your product or website at, marketing with Facebook ads is extremely easy. Simply enter the criteria of the individuals you’d like to target your adverts at, and voila – your campaign is ready!

Don’t just target your advertising campaign at every user in the USA. Refine your campaign – because the smaller the group of people that you aim it at, the higher the CTR (click-through rate) of your ads and the cheaper the CPC will become (hence the longer your budget will last).

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