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Capture Email Leads: How to Get More, Faster

Email leads can be quite advantageous to an online business. Even as a blogger you will benefit from having a long list of email subscribers. This gives you a successful marketing tool that has been proven to bring in money. It gives you an asset to your blog. It even shows others just how much your blog could be worth. The problem is finding the right leads. You may think that simply including a link to sign up for the email list is enough for your blog. The truth is you have to do much more than that if you want to see your numbers rise. So knowing how to appeal to potential subscribers is everything.

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One of the best ways to reel in new subscribers is to give them something for their time. Many people opt to create or provide a free item that readers will get in exchange for signing up for the email list. If the free item is something that the reader will value then this method is likely to work for you. Most people cannot pass up free, so they will sign up just to get the information or product you are offering.

The secret that those with long email lists understand is that readers tend to skip over small things. If they see a small link in the corner to sign up they will generally bypass it to get to the content. However, if you mention the free offer if you sign up several times throughout your page and offer them easy access to sign up, you will be surprised at how much quicker those names and email addresses build. The more a reader sees it and the better the offer, the more likely they will be to take it and sign themselves up for the list.

Your blog is not the only way to attract people to your email list. If you have a social networking page that exists for your blog then this is a great way to get people to sign up. Use these avenues to again offer something free and give users the opportunity to sign up. Many people use an auto-redirect page on these sites to land their readers and fans directly on the sign-up page. This is often effective and lets the readers sign up quickly and easily to get their free item.

Email leads can make or break your business. You need a valid way to market to your readers and email fits the bill. Not only will it give you personal access to them, it also has been proven to work when tried. Many email campaigns are used daily to help bring businesses the money and customer base that they desire. You simply have to know the best way to get those leads. Sometimes you have to give up a little in order to do that, but you will find in the end that you reap many benefits.


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  1. Anon

    I don’t think anyone really pays attention to email anymore. Let’s face it, we treat the whole thing like a spam folder. Social Media is the only real way to go.

    1. Chris

      I have to politely disagree with you there, just because there is a lot of technology and the younger generation is very into the social media scene, businesses have to consider the age element in every aspect; the older generation statistically uses only email. So depending on what market you want to reach, you should never write-off emailing.

  2. Mike

    If you can generate quality content, a weekly newsletter is the perfect vehicle for giving something for free in order to get more email leads.

  3. Sarah

    Writing my newsletter is one my favorite parts of running a website! Makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time and am writing for the school paper again. :)

    1. Charlie

      I am with you Sarah. I usually write a blog post a day, and write a newsletter on Sunday. Putting up together all my posts in to weekly conclusions. Really enjoyed it.

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