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The Web is filled with bloggers who provide top-quality content.

Their posts are well-written, unique and useful, and their audiences are active and engaged, yet these bloggers never reach their goals because their readers never complete the desired actions.

As they saying goes, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

What is Persuasive Blogging?

If you look at the stats on your squeeze pages and sales pages, actually any page where you’re asking your reader to take some sort of action, you’ll see that many people visit those pages but few follow through and complete the desired action.

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Persuasive blogging is a combination of writing techniques that helps convince your reader to keep moving forward, to take that action. They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, but they’re wrong. You can if you can convince him there are benefits.

Attention Grabbing Blogging

In this first post in my persuasive blogging series we’re going to look at grabbing your reader’s attention because that’s where it all starts. Getting your reader’s attention is the first step in persuading them to stay on your page and listen to your message. Here are some things you can do to grab attention:

Your Titles – Your title is probably the most important element of your post. Many bloggers spend hours crafting the perfect post and just slap a title on as an afterthought. Your linked title will appear on search engine indexes, on social media, on forums and in emails, and each time it appears it’s going to be surrounded by other links. If you want yours to stand out from all the others you have to get creative.

Your First Paragraph – Your title brings readers to your page but it’s your first paragraph that either keeps them there or sends them away. Use your first paragraph to build anticipation and let the reader know you’re going to solve his problem.

Controversy – A well-written controversial blog post is always an attention-grabber. Choose your battles carefully and make sure you can back up your position and you’ll have readers eating out of the palm of your hand, whether they agree with you or not.

Be Bold And Daring – Instead of telling your readers how to potty train baby, tell them “How to Potty Train Baby in Just 5 Days.” Instead of telling them they how to get more traffic with Twitter, tell them “How to get 1,000 new Targeted Twitter Followers in Just Two Days.” Be bold, be daring, but be sure you can back it up.

Ask A Question – Some of the best post titles are in the form of a question. The human brain is automatically wired to answer questions so when you ask your readers “Do You Need More Twitter Traffic?” or “Are You Tired Of Changing Diapers?” they automatically want to know the answer.

Make It Personal – Sometimes a bold claim can seem just too unbelievable, no matter how true it is. Make it personal for your readers. Use story-telling to relate your own personal experience and success story to persuade them to read on.

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  1. Donna Foreverserenity

    You’re right! The title, a good one does help. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don’t. It’s not easy coming up w/clever ones but it does help! Good tips! I’m 47 words shy & I’m told my comment is not useful? really?

  2. Bob Fariss

    Very true; about blogging and life itself. Both should have a clear purpose you can quickly summarize in a meaningful way. That’s what gives others a direction in dealing with us personally, or the ideas we write about,

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