Buyers Email List 2 Steps to Build a List of Proven Buyers

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Buyers Email List: 2 Steps to Build a List of Proven Buyers

Everybody talks about the importance of building a list, but they don’t really go into any great detail about what kind of list you should build. There are basically three types: Everybody who visits your blog, everybody who visits your blog who might be interested in what you’re promoting, and everybody who visits your blog and spends money. Obviously, this is the best kind of list you can build, the list of proven buyers, because if they’ve spent money once, they’ll be more likely to spend it again.

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Don’t get me wrong, all three types of lists are valuable. The person who’s new to your blog and just fishing for more information may one day turn into your biggest customer, so it’s important to reach out to that visitor as soon as they hit your blog. But you want to tread lightly with this visitor because they don’t know you or trust you yet. Send them a hyped up promotional message and you may just scare them away forever.

Someone who’s already made a purchase from your blog, though, is more open to your promotional emails. In fact, if they really liked what they bought, they may be chomping at the bit, waiting breathlessly for your next big promotion.

To prove my point, look at your own behavior. When you see an email that says , “We’re having a sale!” you’re likely to break the Enter button trying to get that email open if it’s from someone you’ve already done business with and you thoroughly enjoyed the product. You click right through to the website, too, in most cases already intending to make another purchase before you’ve even seen the offer.

How do you get more people like you, people who are proven buyers, on your email list? Quit giving them free stuff.

Forget About The Freebies

I know it’s popular to create some small guide or ebook, over deliver, and give it away free to your new subscribers but all you’re doing is building a list of people who like to get stuff for free, and trust me, there are plenty of these people out there. Once they get that download they may never open another of your emails.

Building your list by offering free products is ideal for grabbing those first-time visitors but remember – you’re going to have to be patient with these subscribers. They won’t turn into buyers until they learn to trust you so don’t bombard them with a bunch of promotional links.

If you want to build a list of proven buyers, then quit giving away free stuff and make them pay for it.

Over Deliver to the Max

Of course, the best way to get anyone to subscribe to your list is to always deliver the highest quality. No one is going to want even a free product if you haven’t first proven your expertise on your blog. Remember, even a free product costs that visitor his email address, something most of your visitors don’t want to part with.

To build your list of proven buyers, create a truly remarkable product, over deliver to the max, and charge them a small fee.

For example, instead of just giving them that 25-page mini guide, put some more elbow grease into it and turn it into a remarkable 50-page source of solid information that’s well worth $50 or more. Then offer it to new subscribers for the low, low price of just $7 or $17.

The people who take you up on your offer and subscribe to your list now will be proven buyers. They already feel comfortable enough to buy from you, and if you over-deliver on this first purchase, they’ll be waiting breathlessly for your next big promotion. They’re also more likely to share your links with their friends, which brings in more visitors who are already in the buying mood because of that recommendation.

Instead of trying to attract every Tom, Dick and Harriet on the Internet, focus on building a list of proven buyers. Over-deliver, keep these subscribers happy, and let somebody else worry about those guys who are only looking for freebies.


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