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There are two types of bloggers. There are those that blog for fun and there are those hoping to make a profit. The latter are often referred to as business bloggers. This generally means that they have created a business out of blogging. If you are simply blogging for fun then you have little to worry about. You write what you want, when you want and whoever reads it is great. Business blogging is quite different. You have a goal. To meet that goal you need readers, subscribers the ability to make revenue. One of the tools you will use is search engine optimization.

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seo and business blogging

Search engine optimization, often called SEO, is basically the art of optimizing your content so that search engines rate it higher. The reason that this is necessary is because search engines can bring you traffic. In fact, they can bring you significant traffic. That cannot happen if your page is listed several pages back. People simply will not go through pages and pages of results. They focus on the best results and move on. This means that if you are not there, the search engine is doing you no good.

Your goal is to move your site high into the listings. The higher you can go, the better it will be. In order to do that, however, you must have your page classified correctly. That means that you have to understand what affects your page ranking and what you can do to change it. The most common factors that limit page rank are the topic, the popularity and the keywords of the page. If you do not use all of these to your advantage then you will be moved further down and people will not find your site. So how do you use them?

It takes a bit of research to learn how to use WordPress SEO correctly. You want to use the right keywords on your page and use them in a natural way. They should be popular words that are searched for often. They should also be relevant to your site. In addition, you have to be concerned with the popularity of the page. The more links you have available online, the more popular your page looks. The more visitors you get, the better. Creating this will take time and effort, but it will pay off with your SEO results. It is also important to make people stay on your site. If they visit and leave immediately then it will count against you. Try a variety of methods to convince people they want to read further.

When you use search engine optimization you are essentially giving your page a better rank among search engine results. However, if you do it incorrectly it will not work. Try doing a little research to see if it is something that you may be able to handle. If not, there are professionals that can or software that does much of it for you. There will be an investment involved, but the payoff may likely be worth the money you have spent.

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  1. Dave

    hi Steven, the topic of proper SEO is confusing.

    There are many people out there giving out pretty bad information that can even damage your website.

    So, what are your SEO thoughts then? What is the best way to do it? or will that be another post?

    Thanks Steven for the good info

    1. Steven

      I am putting together a very long post on SEO for bloggers to help people optimize their site to maximize their traffic from Search Engines.

  2. Dmitriy

    Nice post. Everything is quite clear. But, it’s easy to SAY it but much harder to DO that. SEO is difficult.
    One more thing. Often bloggers optimize their blog pages forgetting about audience. They should write for people, first of all, and then for Google.
    It’s easy to get visitors and harder to make them stay at your blog.

  3. Mike

    Another subject that has my head hurting. With the kind of writing I do it’s hard to always have keyword rich titles to my posts. I will keep plugging away though.

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