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Every blogger has days when it’s hard to come up with content ideas, but for a business blog it can be especially difficult. Your blog isn’t your primary focus and you’ve been creating presentations, and writing white papers and press releases all week. Here are five sources of inspiration for your business blog, but you know my opinion: Any blog is a business blog if you’re using it to make money. So feel free to use these no matter what type of blog you’re running.

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Google Alerts

Set up Google alerts and use as many of your keywords or topics as you like. Anytime anything is posted anywhere on the Web, you’ll be notified. You’ll be amazed at the number of ideas you’ll get. This may end up being one of your main sources for inspiration.

As a plus, when you use Google Alerts you’ll also see what the current hot topics of conversation are. You’ll look like a star because you’re always providing timely information.

Your Competitor’s Blog

This is another of my favorite resources. Visit your competitor’s blogs on a regular basis. Don’t plagiarize their content but use it for ideas and create content that’s relevant for your audience. And if you disagree with him, so much the better. Nothing sells like controversy.

Other Relevant Blogs

There are plenty of relevant blogs out there. If you’re an attorney, visit the MADD website or check out a celebrity site to see who’s getting divorced this week and how they’re dividing the property. If you’re a vet, visit some family blogs to get ideas about how families handle kids with pet allergies. My point is, look beyond your immediate competitors for ideas that you can make relevant for your own audience.


I get some of my best ideas from Twitter and Facebook, but it’s not all luck. When I first set up my accounts I was very choosy about the people I followed for just this reason – I knew I’d be turning to them for article ideas. Over the years I’ve added a wider range of interests and I’m never at a loss for content.

Blog Comments

I suppose it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into but I always read the comments at the end of every blog post, on my own blog as well as all the other blogs I read. In the beginning I had to force myself to do it but after I found a couple of killer article ideas it just became automatic. People ask questions in the comments, and they exchange ideas and opinions, just the thing for your business blog.

When I’m really stumped for an article idea I mix it up a little. I’ll go to a completely unrelated blog, maybe in a celebrity or entertainment niche, and just let my mind wander while I’m reading the posts and comments. You’ll be surprised at the number of quirky ideas you’ll find that you can easily turn into informative, relevant content for your readers.


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  1. Marty

    I never thought google alerts as a source of ideas. I have using comments and other people blogs of what has worked for other people

    1. Steven

      Well, I’m glad I gave you a new idea, Marty

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