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In “Building Strong Brands”, David A. Aaker develops the concept of how to deal with the fragmentation of markets by building brand identity, creating brand personality, and managing a brand system.

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Although Aaker’s credentials (he’s a University of California at Berkeley business professor) might seem to exclude average readers, that is, those outside the marketing profession, there’s a great deal of interesting general information packed into these pages.

Far from being an ethereal dissertation on brands, brand equity, and brand identity, Aaker’s book presents case examples to which anyone can relate. With extensive case studies and illustrations of companies’ ads, Aaker emphasizes positioning a brand personality to match that of the consumer being targeted.

It is edifying to peruse the sections on past brand strategies and on the making of the Saturn automobile brand, among other topics.

Kingsford, known for its charcoal, tried to move into a line of foods but failed, unable to shake its charcoal image. Healthy Choice created the perception that healthy foods can taste good. Saturn developed from a new company in an old industry and had to “sell the company, not the car.”

I strongly advise you to take a look at this book!

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  1. Web Design Inspiration

    Excellent excerpt….the book should be well worth a read.

    1. It’s really interesting, you should definitely read it.

  2. Samie

    Would love to get a signed copy of THIS book!

    1. You can always try to find a way to reach David A. Aaker ;)

    2. Samie

      Yup! I’ll keep looking… :)

  3. Jony

    Looks like a marketing book with a difference!

    1. Lots of great information in this book.

  4. Shad

    Does it talk about social media as well?

  5. Flash Games

    Oh definitely a good recommendation for a book

  6. Affmaster

    After long….a book reco!

  7. Affmaster

    Is he joining in as a guest blogger soon?

    1. haha I wish

    2. Affmaster

      :( Anyways, thanks for keeping us updated!

  8. Web Design Inspiration

    I am all for brand building!

    1. Good for you! Building a good brand with a decent reputation does take some time…

    2. It certainly does Steven ! It’s a painstaking task but no less an interesting one!

  9. First Website

    Keep the recommendations coming!

    1. No worries, I post book recommendations when I find something interesting.

    2. First Website

      Would most appreciate that!

  10. Gorman

    Is there a Kindle version of this book?

    1. I personally doesn’t use Kindle so I do not know but you can check on Amazon through the link.

    2. Gorman

      Thanks Steven! I’ll definitely check on Amazon.

  11. John

    Like to read the case studies in such books.

    1. Indeed, there are some very useful piece of information in Marketing books. I learned a lot.

    2. John

      Indeed! Marketing case studies increase our knowledge base.

  12. Web Design Inspiration

    The problem is to find the time to read books!

    1. The problem is not to have time or not, it is to take time or not ;)

  13. Mitch

    I agree about the time part…it is not easy to get time with so many digital things taking your time.

    1. Staying productive when there is so much temptation on the internet is a challenge by itself !

    2. Mitch

      Yes, you’re absolutely on target!

  14. Flash Games

    ‘Building Strong Brands’ by David A. Aaker is an amazing read! Thanks for sharing Steven :)

  15. Michelle

    Thanks for this nice post Steven

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