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Think back to the times when you’ve purchased something online and chances are you were pretty picky about where you spent your money. Everybody is, including the people who come to your blog. If you won’t part with your cash until you’re sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, why would you expect your visitors to? That’s why it’s so important that you build your credibility as an expert. Without it, just another low-life blogger.

Become a real expert

Nothing irks me more than to have a blogger try to tell me how to make money with my blog, only to find out the guy just started blogging a month ago. How can he be an expert? He hasn’t even made money with his own blog. And even if he has he still hasn’t been at it long enough to answer any of my questions with any real authority.

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Visitors are going to come to your blog with all kinds of questions. How does it work? Why does it work? Will it work for me? What it…? As an expert, you should be able to anticipate these questions and be prepared with real answers.

Grow with your audience

In some ways blogs are like classrooms. People come to your blog to gain knowledge. In school, you stay in your Second Grade classroom until you’ve learned everything you’re supposed to learn. Once you’ve completed your lessons, though, you move on to the Third Grade classroom. The difference is – You don’t want your blog visitors to move on when they’re ready to learn something new. You want people to stay on your blog forever.

If you set up a blog to tell people how to set up and run WordPress blogs, in the beginning you can get away with writing a post about how to install WordPress. Eventually, though, your readers are going to want to know more. They’re following you because they’re learning from you, and that’s a good thing. If you want them to continue following you then you need to continue to teach them new things.

Dress the part

Make your blog look like it’s the home of an expert. Get rid of that wonky free theme you’re using and use a Premium theme or go a step further and have one designed especially for your blog. Learn the industry jargon, explain it to your readers, and use it on your blog. Only use ads or banners that are relevant to your audience and clean up your sidebars. And make sure you’re checking your spelling and grammar.

Think outside the box

Visit a college campus and you’ll find that the most popular courses are taught by professors who take a stand. They’re not necessarily controversial, but they often go against the mainstream. They think outside the box and present their information in a way that’s relevant to their audience.

If all your competitors are talking about the benefits of XYZ dog food, take a close look and present that dog food in a different light. There may be one key ingredient that’s bad for your dog or maybe the way the produce the dog food is bad for the environment.

Don’t just assume that something is true just because 15 other bloggers are saying it is. Those 15 other bloggers may all be wrong. Be sure to do the research before you take a stand so you can back up your statements with facts. When you point that out to your readers you’re going to grow your credibility as an expert and your readers will love you.

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  1. Malika Bourne

    YES! Taking stand is important to me. thank for giving be the validation to get stronger in doing just that. I do have a ton of experience. I do research a lot to make sure my thoughts are supported and up to date by some one with higher credentials.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Malika :) I think you have a very good approach to this problem. Being able to back up your claims is very important if you want to be seen as a real expert in your niche.

  2. Tj

    Great share Steven,

    I agree with your assessment/irritation of those ‘instant’ experts that litter the net with NO experience to speak of!

    Also learning to ‘grow’ with your readers is a great way to increase your own aptitude! Visitors quite often have much to offer in terms of their insights, suggestions or even objections! To learn ‘more’ one must learn to listen!

    Thanks for the efforts here!


    1. Steven

      TJ, I think the key is to offer information about subjects with which you have first-hand experience. Until you are the complete go-to expert in your niche, you have to take baby steps and make sure you’re not claiming things that will be laughable for people who really know these subjects.

  3. Christian Spoerl

    Very good article and most importantly great tips ! I think everyone should bring their “personality” to their blog. I write a marketing blog, but on Friday’s I let loose and write about Sci-Fi, Music, Movies and Sports.
    My opinion is that it shows my readers that I a real person. Marketing and sales is what I do, but it’s not who I am.

    1. Steven

      I do not completely agree with the idea of publishing posts about completely unrelated topics. I think it’s better to find a way to use these other subjects as anchors to write about your main topic.

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