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These days the best kind of backlinks to develop are those that come to your blog naturally because another blogger likes your content and doesn’t mind recommending your blog to his readers.

Does that mean your only option is to post your best content on your blog and hold your breath?

Yes, and no.

Yes to high-quality content, and most of the time yes, it should be on your blog.

But here are 10 easy-to-implement strategies to build backlinks – legally.

  1. Write for your readers – Create content that engages your readers and makes them feel compelled to share your link. More and more, Google is using reader engagement and sharing to help gauge authority. Increased authority leads to higher page rank which leads to other blogs linking to you as a source of information.
  2. Write for other blogs – Guest blog or become a regular contributor on another blog. Not only will you be building backlinks, you’ll be establishing yourself as an expert which will lead to additional links from other blogs.
  3. Create a unique blog design – While it’s not the best way to build backlinks, having a unique blog design does make your blog more sticky, which leads to more readers sharing your content. And who knows? You may get written up on another blog for having such a unique, attention-grabbing design.
  4. Create embeddable images/infographics – Create unique cartoon, images or infographics to post on your blog and include a text box so visitors can embed your image – along with your link – on their own blogs or social media.
  5. Interview someone important – Interview an influential person in your niche – another blogger or the manufacturer of the product you’re promoting or an industry expert – to attract links from other bloggers.
  6. Interview lots of important people – Put together a mash-up. Ask one question of several leaders in your niche and publish one long, informative post on your blog.
  7. Create your own product – Once you start creating your own products your reputation as an expert skyrockets. Other bloggers view you as a leader in your niche and they just naturally start linking to your blog as a source of valuable information.
  8. Create resource content – Instead of your general blog post, create a resource post, something that other bloggers can use as a credible source to back up their own content. For example, instead of just saying that each year more and more accidents are caused by texting, compile the facts: How many accidents this year compared to last? What age groups are most affected? Male or female? Fatalities vs. injuries?
  9. Create controversial content – A controversial post always generates more activity among your readers. They leave more comments and they do more sharing and Tweeting. You’ll also attract the attention of other bloggers in your niche who might link to you and write their own controversial post.
  10. Review other blogs – If you’re uncomfortable conducting an interview, review other blogs instead. Be fair and objective. The other blogger may end up linking back to you and you’ll attract the attention of other bloggers, too.

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