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Whether you want to start your own blog, an ecommerce site, a brick and mortar business, there are some essential steps that you simply can’t skip if you want to get started the right way. In today’s post I’m uncovering these 5 essential steps to building your brand.

build your brand

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Register Your Own Domain Name

What kind of business doesn’t have a proper domain name? None!

Maybe a few years ago, when you were launching an offline business, you didn’t need to have your own domain name. Nowadays, this is essential! You will need to get your own domain as a way of communicating with your future clients as well as keeping in touch with already converted people.

If you are launching your blog or ecommerce site, your domain name is the stepping stone of your business: choose it wisely.

Get A Custom Made Design

If you want people to recognize your brand, you need to be unique. The most basic step to getting out of the crowd is to not look like everybody else! If you are a wannabee blogger, you can buy custom WordPress themes for as low as $100.

In case you want to use your website as a kind of showroom for your clients, you definitely need to have a design that will be the reflect of your brand!

Get Your Own Logo

If you are a regular visitor of Dukeo, you are probably familiar with my logo. Round, silver and dark blue, and a dollar sign. I made the choice of not using my name for my blog, and not using my face as a communication asset because a logo is much easier to remember. When people see my logo, they can spot very fast that I am the guy from Dukeo.

A custom logo is definitely essential if you are serious about building your brand.

Have A Quality Presentation Of You and/or Your Business

This one is overlooked by a lot of people but it’s actually one of the most visited page on my blog. When people visit a page of Dukeo, they frequently click on the About link to have more details about what is Dukeo and who is behind it.

I made the choice of using the About page of Dukeo to tell more about my story because I want people to relate to me on a personal level. The best way to gain people’s trust is to get them to know you and your business.

Get Some Business Cards Done

Having some branded business cards will make you look a lot more professional. Take some time to get some quality cards. Once you give them to people, these cards will be used to remember you and your brand. You definitely do not want to look cheap for saving $10 on your business cards’ bill.

Extra: Get Some Promotional Products

I listed this one separately because it is not as essential as the 5 listed before, but if you get this done, you will certainly be ahead of your competition. Pens and T-Shirts are the kind of things that you can give away for free and will help people remember who you are!

I recently got some very nice t-shirts done and am looking forward for creative ways to give them away…


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