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There are lots of bloggers out there who love to write, they just don’t like all the other things that go along with blogging, like blogging about the same topic every day and worrying about traffic, which makes it a little difficult to monetize your blog.

If this sounds like you, there are other ways you can use your blog to make money.

You can be a freelance writer and use your blog to build your brand.

How To Build Your Online Brand

If you enjoy the writing side of blogging then it might interest you to know that many online magazines and websites are on the lookout for bloggers who know how to write well and who know how to write for the online reader. If you already have a blog with some traffic then chances are you fit the bill. Now all you need to do is let them know you’re available.

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Create A “Hire Me” Page on your blog – A “Hire Me” page, prominently displayed on your blog, let’s everyone who visits your blog know you’re available for freelance writing gigs. Someone looking for a writer may or may not click on your “About” page but they’ll click on your “Hire Me” page for sure.

Define Your Expertise – Some writers have a knack and they can write well on just about any topic, which is ideal of your goal is to make money writing for magazines. You’ll have the whole publishing world to choose from.

However, most freelance writers find it more profitable to specialize in one or two areas. They’re able to provide more depth in their articles because of their expertise and this enables them to charge more for their work.

If you like to write on a variety of subjects you probably have different levels of expertise. On your “Hire Me” page, list your specialty topics first and include a list of other topics you’re interested in.

Include Writing Samples – You should also include links to your online writing samples on your “Hire Me” page. These can be articles you’ve posted on your own blog or elsewhere on the Web. If your samples are on a variety of topics use tabs or sub-headings to separate them on the page. Make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find what they’re looking for.

One word of caution: It’s very common for freelance writers to be hired as ghostwriters. A ghostwriter is someone who writes the article and allows it to be published under someone else’s name. Unless your ghostwriting client has specifically given you permission to link to content you wrote for him, don’t include it on your page. You’ll be breaking your client’s trust which could ruin your reputation.

How To Approach Magazines and Websites

Most magazines have a website these days and they generally provide contact information and submission guidelines. Online magazines and websites that accept article submissions will also have their contact information and guidelines prominently displayed.

Be sure to read and follow all the guidelines. Some sites prefer that you query first before you write your article and others will accept full article submissions.

Address your email directly to the editor in charge of the category you’re submitting to and use his or her name in the email. This lets the editor know that you took the time to research the magazine and it’s also a sign of respect. And always include a link to your “Hire Me” page.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Never link up to ghost-written articles. Wise words Steven. Simply link up to your best work and then they can decide for themselves. This is the quick and easy way to find a match.

    As for improving your skills, write, write, write and NEVER charge for peanuts. I remember someone noting they did not like my work and they would rather go the Fiverr route lol….hey, more power to her. But I do not write for less than $25 per article because hey, my work has been published on top blogs and I know my worth ;)

    Thanks Steven!


  2. Elliott Scott

    Freelancing is a big motivation for me. I’ve done some work with several online websites, but I’ve yet to publish anything with a magazine. I’ve learned that rather than simply checking something off as a feat, you really need to put your all into everything you write for other people. That’s a big part of building your brand. Your post really helped me! Thanks for writing it!

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