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I’ve written so many posts about how to write high-quality content that’s useful and valuable and engages your reader and blahdy blah blah blah.

So today I thought I’d try a different approach.

Let’s talk about how to bore your readers to death or scare them away from your blog.

1. Don’t Worry About Research

Don’t worry about researching your posts. Your readers are only going to scan your content, anyway, and they’re probably not interested in all those facts and figures and supporting evidence, right?

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Wrong. If your posts are always just general sound-bites with no real meat, or worse, if they contain misleading information because you didn’t do the research, here’s what happens:

  • They’re bland and boring. Your readers can find real information elsewhere on the Web.
  • You look like an amateur because your posts are all smoke and no substance.
  • You lose credibility when your posts contain erroneous or misleading information.
  • You may actually scare your readers with your generalizations. Don’t just tell them a comet is going to hit Earth. Tell them when it’s going to happen – in 3036 – so you don’t cause a panic.

2. Get Up Close And Personal

I stopped following a high-ranking affiliate marketing blog about a year ago because the blogger was always posting about his dating life and the bars he was hanging out in and all the mini-vacations he was taking. Seriously. Every other day he was posting about his personal life and that’s not why I was following his blog. I wanted information on affiliate marketing techniques. I have my own personal life and it’s sometimes more than I can handle. I don’t need to hear about his, too.

Most of your readers really don’t care about your personal life. They’re busy people and they’re coming to your blog because they want information. They may like you as a blogger, they may like your style or your voice, but they’re not your buddies. In fact, if you’re using your blog to make money, you need to be thinking of your readers as potential customers or clients – not friends.

3. It’s Perfect!

I’ll have to admit, I’m guilty of this one. I’ll get a killer idea for a blog post and I just whip it up and hit publish. In my mind, it sounds perfectly fine. Maybe even a little like it was written by some big shot author. I’m in such a hurry to publish this amazing work of art that I don’t even take time for an edit.

Just one little edit! That’s all it would take to make your content more presentable. Your post is never perfect right off the press. Take the time to edit. Use your blog’s preview button to see how it’s going to look to your readers. Correct spelling and grammar mistakes and use formatting to make it easier to read. And don’t publish until it really is perfect.

4. This Is Serious Business

Remember Mr. Hand from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High?” The guy was deathly boring! All he did was stand in front of the class quoting facts. He never cracked a smile and always used a monotone voice.

No matter how informative your content is, every now and then you have to change it up. Use some humor, tell a story, use a cartoon or a really high-quality image. Don’t be so serious all the time or you’ll bore your readers to death.

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  1. Donnaforeverserenity

    Steven, I definitely agree with you. These are all great tips. When I write my blog articles, my aim (and hope) is never to bore my reader. And also that he/she will find my writing interesting. I try not to ‘drag out’ what I am talking about too. I’ll keep at it until I get it right!lol!

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