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I’ve been putting off answering this questions because I think the person who contacted me is actually expecting me to quote a number, like 541 or 793 or 1,679, but I’m going to have to give it my standard, well-thought-out answer and just say, “It depends.” So let’s look at some of the variables.

The quality of those posts: Chances are your writing and content creation skills have greatly improved over the course of your blogging career. How many of your earliest posts are poor quality simply because you were still honing your skills?

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Your internal linking structure: You might have 5,000 posts in your archives but old posts eventually lose their value. Link juice doesn’t last forever and competitors come along and bump you down the index. Are you using internal links to promote those earlier posts or are they just lying there gathering dust?

Relevancy: If you’re blogging in a tech niche, or an entertainment or gaming niche, how many of those older posts are even relevant anymore? And how much of that older content is seasonal?

The Good News Is…

I can tell you from personal experience that my traffic and income have grown exponentially as the number of posts in my archives has increased. But I don’t attribute that growth solely to the number of posts in my archives.

Incoming links: If you have 500 posts in your archives and they each have incoming links then you’re going to get see more traffic and earnings than you would if each of those posts had zero links. All those incoming links will help boost your rankings, giving you a better index positioning across your blog.

Posting frequency: As you may have noticed, I post multiple times each day here at Dukeo and I believe that feverish pace is one of the reasons my traffic is increasing at such a rapid pace. More traffic also equals more opportunity for backlinks which in turn leads to higher rankings and even more traffic, all of which means I’m earning more money.

In six years I’ve published around 2,000 posts on this blog. If you have 2,000 posts, too, but it took your 10 years to get to that point, then your results will vary.

It’s important to understand that it’s never a good idea to compare one blog to another because every blog is different. There are blogs out there with half the content that do double the profits and there are blogs out there with 5 times the content that don’t make a dime. But it’s not because the number of posts they have, it’s because of all the other variables you need to take into consideration.

Instead of trying to nail down an exact number of posts you should have in your archives – or an exact “anything related to blogging” for that matter – you’d be better off focusing on the variables, like content quality, posting frequency, and generating natural incoming links.

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  1. Tibi

    It feels right that the content quality should rule over the number of postings. The quality brings more readers, thus increasing the post’s relevance. I wonder where the number of readers come into place in relation with the other variables you pointed out.
    Do you know if Google has an official opinion on the frequency of the postings? How do they implement that into their algorithm? I’m trying hard to keep my frequency constant (way lower than yours), and even if I can’t I still get very good results from Google. This made me think less about the importance of frequency and give the maximum attention to content quality.

    1. Steven

      As I already said in numerous posts, if you have to sacrifice quality to keep up with quantity, don’t do it. Quality comes first, then comes quantity. However, quantity of quality will always do wonders.

  2. K.w. Mccabe

    Does it matter what type of content you post about? I’m a writer and I use my blog to post updates, reviews, interviews, etc… Also, is it the ads on the site that generate income or something else?

    1. Steven

      The type of content you post is totally up to you K.W.

      It’s your blog after all, isn’t it?

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    So much of it – posting frequency – is going with the flow Steven. It’s working for ya, so run with it. Then if you feel burned out, go to Bali or whatever, chill, and return to posting with whatever frequency feels fun ;) Good points here.


    1. Steven

      I agree with you about the importance of taking breaks if you don’t feel like writing anymore.. This is why I am currently living in the Philippines ;)

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