Blogging Values Do You Follow a Blogging Code of Honor?

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Blogging Values: Do You Follow a Blogging Code of Honor?

Today, we’re going to talk about values.

Not the value of a dollar or the value of your content – the values that shape the way you live your life.

The online world is just like the offline world, there are countless ways to achieve any goal.

You can choose to walk on the dark side or you can choose to stay in the light, but it’s just like the offline world – You choose you path based on your own personal beliefs and values.

What Are Values?

Your values determine your behavior and they usually come out of your life experiences.

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For example, an elementary school bully thinks it’s perfect acceptable behavior to pick on the smaller kids. Then one day, a big high school bully comes along and picks on him. Now he realizes what it’s like to have someone pick on you just because you’re smaller and he begins to feel compassion for the underdog. For the rest of his life he will value self-respect and he will avoid doing anything that makes another person feel devalued or dehumanized.

Why Are Your Values Important To Your Blogging Strategy?

Your values help you set boundaries, acceptable limits of behavior. They help you determine what you’re willing to do to achieve your goals and what you’re not willing to do. Essentially, they help shape your blog.

Here are some examples that might help you define your own values:

  • I value my privacy so I won’t do anything that violates the privacy of my readers.
  • I value my writing, so I won’t steal the content of others and I’ll always cite my sources.
  • I value my religion, so I won’t blog about the occult.
  • I value opinions, so I’ll always keep an open mind when my readers have something to say.
  • I value dignity and will not be a party to online gossip and flaming.
  • I value accuracy so I’ll always verify my content before publishing.
  • I value truth and I won’t use smoke and mirrors to manipulate my readers.

Understanding what you’re not willing to do with or on your blog is important. You’re going to meet reputable bloggers and unscrupulous bloggers and they’ll each offer advice to help advance your business. It’s entirely up to you which path you choose to follow, but you are the one who’ll have to live with your conscience. Setting boundaries before you even get started will help you craft a better business plan.

What Are Your Values?

Spend some time looking at the values that shape your personal life, because those are the same values that will help shape your blog.


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  1. Cornel

    Nice topic, Steven! It’s a reminder of all my life goals. And as you already said, the goals of our life are identically with the our blogs. If we don’t acting so, we fool ourselfs big time…Thank you for remind me all these…

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