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Recently I’ve had a few people comment that they can’t keep up with Dukeo. I publish too much, too frequently, and they love it, but there’s just so much to learn.

Well, believe it or not, even with all the tips and advice I’ve published and all my years of blogging there are things that even the great Dukeo still doesn’t know.

But I bet you do. So, why not share?

Now, before you get all antsy, thinking that people are going to come here and steal all your ideas, let me tell a secret: If 10,000 people read a post, only 10 percent of them will take any kind of action. So you could share your biggest, money-making tip and only 1,000 people would think about it in relationship to their own blog.

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Of those 1,000, only 10 percent will actually try to implement your idea, and only 10 percent of those will actually be successful.

So out of the original 10,000 people who read your tip, only 10 – at the most – will copy your idea, and most of them will have to adapt it to fit their own business needs.

So, what’s the point of sharing your secrets then, if only a handful of people are going to get any benefit? You build a stronger bond with your reader. Think about it.

The minute I said, “Let me tell you a secret..” you sat a little bit closer to you monitor and you started paying attention.

Your readers know they’re going to get tips and advice when they visit your blog, but secrets… well, those are a little more important.

So why not share some of your secrets here at Everybody has a secret! Think about everything you do for your blog, every single day of the week.

Having trouble keeping up with all the great tips and secrets here at Then, let’s take a break today.

Instead of trying to catch up on your reading, stop right now and scroll down to the comments.

Share one or two – or six or eight! – of your favorite tips and secrets with everybody that reads this blog.

What kind of tips am I looking for? Anything!

  • WordPress tips
  • Other blogging platforms
  • Traffic generation tips
  • SEO tips
  • Tips for creating viral content
  • Writing tips
  • Guest blogging tips
  • Time management tips
  • Quitting your job

And anything else you can think of. And if that’s not enough of a list to get your ol’ gears a’ spinnin’, well, gives us your secret to baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. Jenny

    Well, I see not so many people are jumping into sharing their tips. I don’t mind though.
    It’s a pretty easy one and may not be big news to most, but here it goes. A traffic generation tip.
    Find 10 websites with some traffic, but nothing too big or famous, someone who would notice if they start receiving referrals from your website. Create a post “10 best/most …” Basically, write a well optimized, keyword rich post and offer your opinion about why you included each of the sites to your list.
    Trust me, once those webmasters discover you have added an absolutely unsolicited reference and a free link to their site, 5 out of 10 at minimum will be sure to mention their inclusion, and thank you with a link back.
    Here you go, a free and easy tip on how to get some links and free traffic to your website/blog!

    1. Steven

      That’s very good advice Jenny! This kind of “ego hook” almost always works.

    2. Joanne Mcalpine (@broadcastsunny)

      Thanks Jenni, I’m new to blogging. I started out vlogging and do pretty well but the blogging has been a bit of a mystery. Will try it out.

  2. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Can I share my blog formatting tips, please? :)

    1) Use headings to break up content into relatively small pieces of information.

    2) Separate chunks of text into paragraphs: present one idea at a time.

    3) Spacing, spacing, spacing! Give those tired eyes a break between ideas.

    4) Use bulleted lists to organize similar concepts and ideas.

    5) Use numbered lists to make your content flow better.

    6) Use bold in moderation to stress out ideas. Don’t overdo it.

    7) Use italics to enhance text appearance, but sparingly, please.

    8) On WordPress: Format with blockquote to say something worth highlighting.

    9) Link, link, link: to your othe blog posts or link to external sources.

    10) Include relevant images for a bit of color and fun!

    Thanks, great idea!

    1. Steven

      I see that you keep posting some “10 list” even in comments ;) Excellent advice Delia.

  3. Deina

    One of my favorites is putting a description of what’s in the picture instead of keywords in image alt tags. A blind person can’t see the image so instead if he/she is using a screen reader software it will read alt tags of the image. Of course, you can use keywords but only if they describe what’s in the picture. This makes your site more accessible for people with special needs. :)

    1. Steven

      That’s an interesting to do Deina.

      I don’t put too much attention into that because my niche is quite specific and I don’t know if many blind people would benefit from my content anyway. I should probably reconsider…

  4. Carolyn

    Hi Steven, Yes, keeping up with your prolific posts is a challenge but so worth it! I am constantly amazed at how much quality content you produce. You have taught me so much about blogging and I’m very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    My blogging tips are:

    Write about what you think will help people. I keep coming back here because your posts are so very helpful.

    Find other bloggers whose work you admire and learn from them.

    Look at the layout of your site with a critical eye. Less is better. Is your site cluttered with ads, patterns, garish colors? The focus should be on content not on decoration.

    If you’re using self-hosted WordPress, invest in a paid theme. You will look more professional and the built in functions and support will be worth what you paid.

    Find a blog whose look you like and reach out to see what theme they are using and if they like it. Find out about the support given and the ease of use.

    Reach out to other bloggers with questions. Support them by leaving comments and sharing their articles.

    Be active on social media. You can connect with other bloggers there and get a lot of traffic to your blog.

    Enjoy the journey. If blogging is work that you must do, then you won’t enjoy it or stick with it.

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for the support Carolyn!

      This is a neat list of tips. I like the first one: “write about what you think will help people”. I see a lot of bloggers writing about random topics without asking themselves if someone is actually going to search for this information on Google.

  5. Monica

    Hi Steven!

    I’d like to throw in a couple tips for people thinking about quitting their job – or maybe already have…

    Be sure you can work alone. Being home all day in solitude can get really lonely, if you need human interaction you might want to think twice. I’m very much an introvert, but sometimes it’s pretty boring back here in my cave of an office. So I adopted a fat lazy cat who really livens the place up… but not too much, like I said, she’s fat and lazy, LOL :)

    Seriously though, I guess my best piece of advice would be to stay on top of your paperwork, everyday. I HATE bookkeeping, but it’s all on me to keep up with it. Throwing invoices and receipts in a drawer and worrying about it later can result in missed income and wasted time later on when you finally do go through it all.

    I sell direct ads on my sites and a couple of years ago I had a link sale that went as normal, I printed the invoice, then threw it in the drawer with the other pile of invoices. EXCEPT I forgot to write the expiry date of the link on my calendar first. I ended up forgetting to send a renewal invoice or take the link down when it expired the following year, and the year after that!

    I don’t like loosing income, so nowadays I keep up with it each time I have a sale. No more paperwork pile in a drawer.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for sharing these tips Monica.

      I agree with the loneliness of working from home: no more gossip around the coffee machine. It’s not a problem for me either because I’m more of a loner.

      You nail it with your advice about paperwork… I am always late on bookkeeping and my accountant comes after me when I’m 3 months late. going back through your bills from 3 months before is very painful and confusing.

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